Robin Hoods vs. Parking Enforcement Officers!

by Tim Condon

EEEK!!! Free State Project Parking meter coins!

EEEK!!! FSP parking meter coins!!!

Robin Hoods win.

Heh: The Free State Project’s “Keeniacs” are at it again. It seems that a bunch of libertarians down in Keene have become modern-day Robin Hoods. They roam Keene searching for cars where parking meters are about to expire…and then pop in some more coins. Great fun! (And, not incidentally, less money for the state/county/town or whatever level of government sucks up the parking ticket dough…which is a good thing. They also…

…leave some libertarian literature for the lucky car owners, which is also a good thing).

But now a lawsuit has been filed against the Robin Hoods (fellow Grokster Steve has previously written about this HERE). Apparently the town doesn’t like the fact that the libertarians are preventing parking tickets from being handed out. (WAAAH! They’re hurting the town’s bottom line!) The lawsuit allegations are that the Freestaters are harassing and intimidating the PEO’s (Parking Enforcement Officers, if you had to ask), who are “just trying to do their job” (oh please). The libertarians deny the charges vociferously (probably for good reason since the allegations sound like a bunch of hooey and sour grapes cooked up by local bureaucrats pissed off about losing their parking ticket gravy).

So as a result of all the sturm und drang by the local town bureaucrats, somebody recently wrote a column at a union website (that nobody ever reads)…and a regular food-fight broke out! As usual—again!—the comments at the end of the article equal and exceed the original piece. Wailed the union writer: “Everyone deserves a workplace free of any kind of harassment”! To which a fellow named Rob Rule responded as follows:

I agree! As a result, I anticipate that there will be a movement afoot to outlaw booing in professional sports stadiums – sports officials and athletes deserve an environment free of harassment. In addition, to remain consistent with this policy all union shop states shall be immediately converted to right to work states, as everyone should be free from the harassment of having to choose between joining a union or not having a job.

LOL!  You rule, Rob!

: )——   <—Republican elephant smiley face with a long trunk.


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