Just a Quick Note To The Democrat Enablers…

There are more than a few people making excuses for the recent scandals involving the Benghazi cover up, the AP phone scandal and the IRS.  Without laboring the point these are just the latest of those we know about.   The point I want to make is this:  Are the people excusing or dismissing this behavior because these are Democrats, or it’s Hillary or Obama, positive that they will never disagree with anything the government does?  That this massive beast they have encouraged will not at some point step on their toes?

It will.

When it does, will they even dare to object?  And if they do will they be just as dismissive knowing that the IRS, FBI, DHS, EPA, DOJ, or perhaps any number of alphabet agencies, most of whom are now fully armed by the way, might be spying on them?  Watching them?  Reading what they write and listening to what they say?  Reading their texts and looking at who they call–who calls them?

That is what these scandals are about.  They are about government without limits, free to intimidate anyone they want, and to silence those in a position to expose them.

That is very likely to be Barack Obama’s legacy, and the Democrat party is entirely to blame for ignoring it, helping to hide it, selling the lies fabricated to distract from it or cover it up,  and letting it go on as long as it has.

It’s all on you.  I hope you are happy with the results.

[Update] We on the Right are not fans of AP’s often biased reporting and yet…it is Republicans who are more likely to defend the AP against the chilling effects of the DOJ/Obama phone records grab–defend the right of free press at least.  Democrats?  A Majority of Democrats are OK with what the DOJ did.  Anyone surprised?