IRS Scandal: TEA Party, Constitutionalists, 9/12ers, Romney donors – but they added this group to the audit list?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a litany of the groups that have been targeted by the IRS simply because they are opposed to:

  • Obama’s policies and Presidency
  • a large governmental bureaucracy that continues to insert itself into more and more simply by dint of regulation (in addition to “enabling” legislation)

The entrenched bureaucracy, with a heavy list to Left / Democrat ideology, has proven Conservatives right.  They have now admitted to it, kinda non-apologized apologized for it, and now realize, with the taking of the Fifth Amendment today, with criminal intent (possibly).  But at least there was a reason – these Government workers believed that they were defending the ramparts of their castle against the barbarians that just can’t get it through their Neaderthalic heads that we all NEED Government – the more the better for all.  And make no mistake, this is a on-going, almost hot, war going between we who believe that least government is best government so as to allow for the greatest amount of personal Liberty and those that believe Government knows best for us all in how to order Society efficiently for safety and security.

They decided to “harass” those that differed from them politically – to support Obama and to support themselves.  Their version of political war (with all due respect to von Clausewitz).  But to pick on those who merely wish to adopt little babies and children; these are considered to “political battlefield combatants by Progressives?

As we get word that the IRS has harassed a number of pro-life groups, including at least one alleged demand that a pro-life group not picket Planned Parenthood, check out this statistic: In 2012, the IRS requested additional information from 90 percent of returns claiming the adoption tax credit and went on to actually audit 69 percent. More details from the Taxpayer Advocate Service:

  • During the 2012 filing season, 90 percent of returns claiming the refundable adoption credit were subject to additional review to determine if an examination was necessary. The most common reasons were income and a lack of documentation.
  • Sixty-nine percent of all adoption credit claims during the 2012 filing season were selected for audit.
  • Of the completed adoption tax credit audits, over 55 percent ended with no change in the tax owed or refund due in fiscal year 2012. The median refund amount involved in these audits is over $15,000 and the median adjusted gross income (AGI) of the taxpayers involved is about 64,000. The average adoption credit correspondence audit currently takes 126 days, causing a lengthy delay for taxpayers waiting for refunds.

After all, one of the Great Progressive Values is that of Abortion – not to cherish new life but to kill it.  Thus, along with their Political enemies, we see that they have no problem in using the Force and Might of Government in now declaring war on those they believe to be their Cultural enemies as well.

Progressives – hating babies and those that love them since the 1880s and proving over and over.