If A Picture is Worth 1000 Words…

If a picture is worth 1000 words how many words can we expect from the screeching left-wing enviro-harpies who are already climbing on the graves of dead children  in Oklahoma to make a case for Tornadoes, Temperature, and Global Warming.

Preface: Once again the “weather” is our fault.  And while the average amount of Tornado activity has been  lower in recent years, if at best average in the age of Inconvenient Gorey-truths, that has not stopped the “if we grow government we can change the weather crowd” from blaming this latest event (or any act of weather) on Global Warming Deniers and their failure to “let them fix it” with legislation.

Unfortunately for the left-winged chicken little’s, Oklahoma was Tornado central long before we were all doomed to starve in the new ice age–see 1970’s–which was prior to the Marxist/Socialists discovery that claiming it was getting colder was better for private money invested in oil, gas, coal, and nuclear, and the party those interests favored–not Democrats.   So TA DA!, things took a complete 180 and now tax dollars (not even private money) are used to prop up failing green energy boondoggles whose backers happily support the left wing politicians who scare-mongered our money into their pockets.  (All those billions spent on failed green boondoggles and look–we still have tornadoes in places that always had tornadoes–no matter what the temperature is outside.

Temperature you say?  Yes.  I know there’s that global warming thing but did you know that it has been historically Cold in Oklahoma?  Much colder than average? (Guh!?)

OK temperatures well below historic averagesIn fact, while the world has not warmed at all in 16 years, our nation as a whole continues to show a persistent decline in average temperatures through May  of 2013. (Is it just me or does this map prove that it could just be Liberals that are making certain areas warmer?)

departure from normal temperatures

Oklahoma, as I mentioned previously, has long been one of the places with the most occurrences of tornadoes.

tornado density US


And overall tornado activity does not appear to be affected by real or imagined left-wing observations about  climate, or much of anything else…unless you happen to notice that there may actually be more activity when it is cooler, which for those paying attention is the opposite of warming.

tornadoes -number and size per year


None of this lessens the tragedy in Oklahoma, or any place where dramatic weather events result in loss of life and property, and our prayers continue to go out the people affected by these events, but for the left to continue to insist that everything that happens plays into their political agenda is not just wrong, it is irresponsible and crass.  It is also just plain dishonest.  And c’mon folks, isn’t it a at least a little bit suspicious?

There is no amount of money that will change the weather in Oklahoma, or anywhere else.  But you’ll never get people who refuse to believe it is not even warming to believe that, so the only thing you can do is to stop electing these ass-hats to positions of power from which they legalize the theft of your hard earned dollars to fund their ridiculous obsessions with the absurd.

They politicize everything only to prove that through politics they can accomplish nothing, unless silencing the opposition counts.   But anyone who silences competing ideas, or goes out of their way to hide them from the public,  can claim to be right even when they are not.   And that is what the lefts environmental agenda has been reduced to.  Shouting down opponents, hiding contradictory evidence, and using a media monopoly to perpetuate a lie.

I wonder how many of these folks have had increased scrutiny by the IRS, DHS, FBI, EPA, or any of Obama’s  other Domestic storm-troopers.  That’s what they are.  The American Stasi.   I bet more than a few.  And why?  To perpetuate a lie that is convenient to the accumulation of other peoples wealth in the pursuit of unbridled political power.

Our environmental crisis has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the real motivations of the leftists running this scam.