Facebook Doodlings…How To Treat Your “Republicans”

by Steve MacDonald

If you are a Republican in New Hampshire the official party response to Stella Tremblay’s “opinion” (regardless of your opinion about her opinion) is a stark reminder of how you will be treated by them, regardless of your value to the parties so-called political goals (the platform).

I mention it only because of a relatively recent Facebook status update posted in the Republican sphere, that said…

Tremblay criticized for comments on bombing victim. NH GOPers like this are giving NH Dems even better odds at retaining the legislative majority…

There were a few comments both ways to varying degrees but I felt compelled to add my thoughts…

Sorry xxxx, but the left would have downplayed it were it one of theirs and spun the story to go after opponents–and would have pushed their narrative until no one even remembered how it all started. The NHGOP and House minority leadership could have done just that but instead they ran away and disowned her–and did it publicly to boot; and THAT is how and why they may stay stuck in the minority; because every Republican in NH has been reminded once again that should they misspeak or misstep the party will abandon them first and foremost.

That, my friends, is the lesson to be learned.

Stella is a stellar Republican vote in the House but that appears meaningless to Gene Chandler, Jen Horn, and the lever-pullers in the NH-GOP.  They are more concerned with responding defensively to the Democrat’s portrayal of them in the press than setting the narrative and defending their elected representatives, even the reliable ones.

That’s right.  Sign me up to be a part of that.  I’ll run for public office as a Republican because I know that when the time comes, should something not come out right or if there are words that the NHGOP leadership discovers can be defined by Democrats as controversial, there might be a race to see who throws me under the bus first.  Or maybe someone will just write a note to my employer, hmm?

It’s amusing, actually. I get called a Republican-basher for viewing everyone through the lens of the conservaive, Constitutional, and party principles while the party leadership gets a free ride for ignoring those and bashing Republicans who actually have them.


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