Enabling for me but not for thee!

by Susan Olsen

House Committee on Municipal & County Government

House Committee on Municipal & County Government

Senator Stiles says about SB 11 (scheduled for a vote today in the House): “Instead of drafting legislation for one/two particular towns I made it ENABLING legislation for any community that saw a need. NO mandate to do anything”.  House and Senate Dems, Progressives and RINOs dig it. Senator Bradley said in SB 102 In “…cities, the members of the commission [shall] may be either elected or appointed by the mayor subject to the provisions of the city charter, and in towns the members of the commission [shall] may be elected or appointed by the selectmen.”  Holy cheese and crackers, House Dems, Progressives and RINOs vote 14-0 to ITL it!How can this be?  Cui bono?  Your friendly neighborhood private, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) public charity corporation, the NH Association of Conservation Commissions, says:

4/17/13 SB 102 Hearing

The House Municipal & County Government Committee held a hearing on Senate Bill 102 (local option to elect conservation commissioners) on April 17th at 11:30 a.m. at the Legislative Office Building Room 301. If you haven’t done so already, please plan to communicate with the House Municipal and County Government Committee with regard to this bill.

NHACC is opposed to this legislation.’

Writing for the Municipal & County Government Committee, Rep. Tatro appears to believe that  voters are too stupid to be trusted to choose adequately qualified conservation commission members…only the elected-by-the-voters select boards, aldermen and councilors (who, presumably voters are also too stupid to choose correctly) have the sufficient smahts.

Go figure….

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