A new Free State Project video explains all….

by Tim Condon

Send this around to all your friends: The following video is about the Free State Project, a movement filled with good people who will eventually move to New Hampshire. It also features an underlying theme of…

…the (friendly) competition between two schools of thought in the FSP: Those of us working in state politics, and those who work for change through various types of civil disobedience (Booooo on them! Errrr…can you tell which side I’m on?) Either way, Freestaters of all kinds are great. They will ultimately help defeat those who want New Hampshire to become Massachusetts-lite. (And no, in New Hampshire we DON’T want to be like Massachusetts. And yes, as a libertarian-conservative Republican, I would ask all of you “Please don’t vote for the Destructive Democrats.”) In the meantime, WATCH THIS:


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  • Chris P. Bacon

    i just watched that entire video. Wicked pissa cool. Who knew New Hamsta was so cool? I particularly loved the 420ers smoking weed in the police station!! Too cool. Would love to see them pull that off in AZ. Somehow i think Sherriff Joe would have them in pink underwear in a few minutes though.

    The scenery was beautiful. I’d be back tomorrow if i could handle the 9 months of crappy weatha.

    Good luck Free staters and dope smokin park hoodlems!! 🙂

  • Chris P. Bacon

    OK tim. This video peeked my interest. What exactly is the difference between a libertarian, a free stater, and a Tea Bag person?

    • granitegrok

      A TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already) person has three principles: limited govt based Constitutional limitations, fiscal frugality for govt, free markets. Those three were the things that brought most folks together – mostly grassroot Republicans, some Democrats, some Libertarians – all thinking the Feds were out of control. Little to nothing about social issues.

      Libertarian – short form – fiscally conservative, often social liberal. Overriding: Individual decisions WAY over government Nannyism.

      Free Stater – a person coming to NH to help implement / restore a limited government to provide a more enhanced atmosphere for Individual liberty and freedom. Can be a Libertarian, a TEA Partier, or a Conservative. There are even a couple of Free Staters who are Democrats in the NH House (so it spans the gamut).

      VERY SHORT definitions, but a start!

      • Chris P. Bacon

        OK, so which one is pro gun, pro Mary Jane, Pro staying out of who tickles who’s happy places no matter what their package contains, and pro curtailing governments hold on our lives? (when i say curtail the governments hold on “our” lives, i mean everyones life. like in countries where the people get harrassed for no real reason by a governmnet they didn’t even get to vote for)

        PS One of the ladies i treat goes to Tea parties and actually invited me to one. I guess they are bringing “Smart Meters” to the little town i live in. I told her i would sign the petition cuz smart meters are bad, but i don’t do politics.

        • granitegrok

          Guessing here and IMHO only as some individuals may not fit all molds. Take these as “stereotypes”

          pro gun – All three (second Amendment)

          pro Mary Jane – Libertarian, Free Stater (as many Free Staters also tend to be Libertarians). Many TEA folks are Conservatives (and tend to be socially conservative – like me)

          Pro staying out of who tickles who’s happy places no matter what their package contains – Libertarian, Free Stater (both seem to trend more secular than religious)

          pro curtailing governments hold on our lives? – All three (Individual Freedom and Liberty)

          • Chris P. Bacon

            ok then. That’s easy.

  • NH Trooper

    Enjoyed some of the video and sympathize with parts of it. They lose me with the Murray Rothbard stuff and dope. As a Mark Levin conservative/libertarian I can’t go along with all of it.

    • Chris P. Bacon

      Stand by, it will be legal there soon enough. If it can happen in AZ, it can happen anywhere. More people voted for legalization in WA and CO then voted for Ossama, so it is crossing party lines. In AZ now, the latest polls show close to 60% of the people want full legalization and other then Texas, i would say AZ is about as red as it gets!!

    • Keith Rayeski

      I too like some of the Mark Levin points but, I consider myself a constitutionalists and that is not something the free state project participants believe in. I find it interesting that they wear shirts and fly “Culpeper” flags yet, they do not even align themselves with the Constitution which, gives us also the Bill of Rights. The Constitution, goes far beyond, ” life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as the core purpose for the establishment of a centralized federal government. Our founding fathers as well used a form of civil disobedience to protest injustices by the British crown but, these “free state project” people as far, far afield from the character of those men and have become nothing more than morons with minicams. Now THERE is a t-shirt for them!!

  • Sam Adams

    Pretty interesting group Tim, I ,ll have to check them out. I like freedom and liberty just as much as the next guy or even more. I see NH having a better advantage with its population being 1.3 million and a conservative state as far history shows[maybe not lately]. I will read their web-site FSP and maybe join them. thanks

  • Keith Rayeski

    Why does the “free state project” not simply call yourselves who you really are, the Anarchist party. With whom I strongly disagree. I agree with and believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, I agree with and believe in a free society operating under a system that does, again as our founding fathers clearly pointed out, needs pruning from time to time but not in what “free staters” do, chopping down of the entire tree. As a NH native, with generations back to as early as 1627, it has been my wish that the “free staters” had focused on “change” in the state which they were born and raised and not, come to destroy the one in which I was born and raised and call my home. I did watch the 20 minute clip and, with an open mind and perhaps even a hope, that I might hear something different that may endear me to the theology however, it did noting even remotely like that. What it did do, is reaffirm my opinion of the “free staters” and I will challenge that feeble movement with every opportunity I have, in the name of real liberty and freedom, not anarchy. In closing this post, I will also have the intestinal fortitude to use my REAL given and surname.

    • granitegrok

      Keith, I am not a Free Stater (altho I do agree with some of their goals), so don’t think that I speak for them. I would take issue with your categorization of them being “the Anarchist Party”. Yes, there are some anarchists of the Voluntarists type (vs the “black anarchists” you see on TV in riots) but most want a limited form of govt based on the Constitution and BoR.

      I do believe that the “Keene Kiddies” has given them bad optics, but it is the NH Democrat Party that keeps the “kill ALL govt” meme going – just like that said that TEA Party folks like me wanted. They were wrong but got that message out there and kept it there. And if you notice, two elections ago, any Republican was automatically a TEA Partier – this election, all Republicans for limited govt (which is heresy to Big Govt Dems) were labels as Free Staters. This was a political weapon, nothing more.

      There are more than a few that believe as we both do, Keith – and I believe they serve as additional help against what the Dems are trying to do here in NH, which is to turn us into MA North (the state I came from 30 years ago). They embrace not only the Live Free or Die motto, but the underlying ethos as well. Having known a number of them well and for a few years now, I consider them sojourners in returning us to that limited govt model the Founders visioned – first here in NH and then to the US as a whole. Numbers can make a difference, and I welcome each one that will help to counter those from high tax states who move here for our low ones – and then start demanding that we change to become exactly like where they came from. Right, Zandra Rice-Hawkins??

      Skip Murphy
      Co-Founder, GraniteGrok.com

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