A new Free State Project video explains all….

by Tim Condon

Send this around to all your friends: The following video is about the Free State Project, a movement filled with good people who will eventually move to New Hampshire. It also features an underlying theme of…

…the (friendly) competition between two schools of thought in the FSP: Those of us working in state politics, and those who work for change through various types of civil disobedience (Booooo on them! Errrr…can you tell which side I’m on?) Either way, Freestaters of all kinds are great. They will ultimately help defeat those who want New Hampshire to become Massachusetts-lite. (And no, in New Hampshire we DON’T want to be like Massachusetts. And yes, as a libertarian-conservative Republican, I would ask all of you “Please don’t vote for the Destructive Democrats.”) In the meantime, WATCH THIS:


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