Re: Take It Back, Or Burn It Down? (2)

by Mike

Time to lay siege and burn down the establishment!

Time to lay siege and burn down the establishment!

This morning, Steve asked whether the NHGOP can be saved, or whether it needs to be burned to the ground so we can start over – fire being a very effective disinfectant!

Susan said “Keep Calm and Suit Up” (and volunteered to do so herself).

I say, pass the pitchforks and torches and let’s burn it down and start over. This party’s toast!

We have tried to elect more conservative committee members, who will help us promote candidates that actually want to shrink government.

We have tried to elect a chairman who was more reflective of the aims of the grassroots, and the party elite starved the state party of funds to ensure his failure and ejection.

We have tried to promote a highly respected vice chairman to chairman, but he was threatened with character assassination and deprivation of RNC support. (We were horrified to hear that last year’s chairman had also been “strongly discouraged” from running to keep his office.)

We stood up a young, energetic expert in social media, with national party connections, but the elites wanted, and got, their pliable candidate, Jennifer Horn, who is now at the center of her own controversy over control of the party finances.

There’s a word, actually an acronym, for this: “RICO” – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization, which I think fits, not only our state GOP, but many other parts of this once great party.

Let us not forget that the Republican party was founded when the Whigs lost their way and no longer stood for anything. I think it is abundantly clear that the GOP has lost its way, and, as a whole, no longer stands for anything. There are isolated examples of solid, principled, constitutional conservatives, who somehow made it to office, but they are marginalized by the elites as far as possible.

The national party just spent a fortune on a navel-gazing exercise. The elitist consultants who lose presidential and senatorial campaigns tell us that they can do just fine without the Tea party, and the state parties are riven by (un)civil wars for control.

Examples of how bad it is overall, include:
The civil war in the Alaska party, where a duly elected chairman was ejected for not raising funds – BEFORE HIS TERM STARTED!
The way the national party completely ignores the same grassroots which it constantly exhorts to pony up more money.
Angelo Codevilla, he of “Ruling Class” fame (see here, and here), recently penned a piece for Forbes, which he started with:

Ruling Class by Angelo Codevilla, Graphic by Donkey Hotey.

Ruling Class by Angelo Codevilla,
Graphic by Donkey Hotey.

On January 1, 2013 one third of Republican congressmen, following their leaders, joined with nearly all Democrats to legislate higher taxes and more subsidies for Democratic constituencies. Two thirds voted no, following the people who had elected them.

Codevilla's book Click to buy

Codevilla’s book
Click to buy

For generations, the Republican Party had presented itself as the political vehicle for Americans whose opposition to ever-bigger government financed by ever-higher taxes makes them a “country class.” Yet modern Republican leaders, with the exception of the Reagan Administration, have been partners in the expansion of government, indeed in the growth of a government-based “ruling class.” They have relished that role despite their voters. Thus these leaders gradually solidified their choice to no longer represent what had been their constituency, but to openly adopt the identity of junior partners in that ruling class.

One of the reviewers for Codevilla’s book wrote:

The original vision of America was and still is one of the crowning achievements in human history but its core principles have been eroded by Codevilla’s elites. These United States has been replaced with The United States indicating a shift from federalism to federal authority. Equality of opportunity has been supplanted by equality of outcome. A Republic has been replaced with an Oligarchy. The rule of law has become the rule of man. Leaders have been replaced with rulers.

He gets it exactly right, and the current GOP leadership, here and elsewhere, care about power, position, and committee chairmanships: Asses in seats, especially in the Senate, is all they care about, and if some of those asses are darned nearly Democrats, no matter as long as they have a seat at the table. Divvying up the spending, buying influence – that’s what makes DC go round – the borrowing and stealing to support that spending? CLANG! Kick that can a little further down the generational theft road.

An NHGOP Country Clubber

An NHGOP Country Clubber

It’s entirely the country club mentality, not the ‘country class’ mentality which is in play here, and we have to replace it! (By ‘country class’, Codevilla does not mean rubes, he means the actual wealth creators of America.)

If we are to ensure that government “of the people, by the people, for the people” does not perish from this Earth, then we must have a party which represents the people. I submit to you, that we currently have two parties which most emphatically DO NOT represent the people, and a handful of brave souls (EG Ted Cruz, Rand Paul) who do.

Since we know that the Democrat party represents the descent into a numb cocoon of soft tyranny, we need an opposition party which represents We The People and our Sovereign States.

Furthermore, and in conclusion, I submit to you that the Republican party, here in NH, and throughout the land, refuses to represent the wishes of the people, and is resistant to reform, and thus must be burned to the ground so that a new party representing the self government of a free and sovereign people can be born from the ashes.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.
Those who do not stand for something will fall for anything.
Goodbye Whigs!

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