Kill Any New Gas Taxes – It’s what the People Want

Grumpy cat NH gas tax noGallup has a poll out showing that most Americans would not support raising the gas tax 20 cents a gallon…even for infrastructure projects.

Two-thirds of Americans would vote against a state law that would increase the gas tax by up to 20 cents a gallon, with the revenue going toward improving roads and bridges and building more mass transit.

A large majority of Americans, 66%, would vote against a law in their state that would increase the gas tax by as much as 20 cents a gallon to fund infrastructure and mass-transit projects. Such a proposal does not have majority support among any partisan group or in any region, though it is slightly more popular among Democrats and those living in the West.

Emphasis mine.

No one likes the idea.  Democrats oppose it 55-40.  Those polled in the east oppose it 64-32.

The US is 14th out of 144 nations for infrastructure. Not shabby, considering.

And we did just spend over $800 billion in stimulus on shovel ready jobs plus billions more which created neither jobs nor fixed the infrastructure. Nice signs though!

Maybe those billions spent on failed solar and battery investments should have gone to “roads and bridges” too?

I’m thinking more money may not be the answer.  The money was always there, we just need another change in management.