Australian Court May Have Discovered Legitimate Rape - Granite Grok

Australian Court May Have Discovered Legitimate Rape

Can’t wait to hear how the Western-Media Elite culture spins this one.australian flag

An Afghan immigrant in Australia raped two women, one a teenager at the time, and was sent to jail, but another judge has agreed to allow the rapist to appeal the convictions because…

 “The sentencing judge rejected any suggestion (Esmatullah Sharifi) didn’t have a clear concept of consent in sexual relations.”

In April last year, a psychologist told the County Court that Sharifi had “an unclear concept of what constitutes consent in sexual relationships” in Australia.

“It proves, in my view, an adequate basis for most grounds of appeal that (Sharifi) wishes to pursue,” the judge said.

From Frontpage: In Muslim sexual mores, serious acts of violence being committed against women are not a problem because the women do not belong to themselves.

So rape might be legitimate in Australia based on cultural grounds?  That adds a whole new meaning to come on down under, doesn’t it?

Guess where I’m never taking my wife…ever, if that conviction is appealed?  Rape OK, self defense, not so much.