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Australia Gun Control Report Card

Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.  Friedrich Nietzsche

Oh No Guns....and magazines...and ammoI am a member of a group on LinkedIn called “Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Professionals.” In a discussion thread the question was asked, “How do you feel about the banning of AR’s and 30 round clips?”

Nobody defended the current administration’s advocacy for their so-called “assault weapons” ban. In fact all posting are against further measures. It is also important to note that the members of this group do not come strictly from the U.S., as there are many who are Hunting Preserve managers on the African continent. But many are shooting range managers and hunting guides. One such post came from Australia…Here is what he had to say:

“Here in Australia the Govt introduced stricter gun controls in 1996. Banning any selfloading rifles & shotguns and pump actioned shotguns. It was a knee jerk reaction,It kept the wowsers and anti gun lobbyists happy,after all the “squeeky wheel” always gets the oil.So we all handed in our semi auto rimfires and centrefires, S/A & pump action shotguns and our more than 10 rnd capacity magazines.The public where happy as high cal handguns also got booted. A firearms registry was formed and we all registered our firearms. The state Police force now know exactly who has what and where its all stored.

After alot of pressure from licenced shooters, permits where available for the restricted categories,such as high cal handgun,Semi auto Rim & Centrefires and pump shotguns with a valid reason. Ie:Primary producer,Pro Hunter/Pest Control,competition or handicap etc etc.

So while the govt and Police and certain “squeeky wheels” where celebrating the new laws, criminals,amasingly,although as impossible as it seems retained their firearms,all types of them too.And more.

As it is now here in Australia,(with some of the strictest gun laws in the world)we still have criminals with guns, shooting up the joint with no remorse or even a 2nd thought. in fact its gotten that bad its easier to get an AK, AR,SKK, SKS, Glock or Berretta 9 than a legal firearm. Although 10-20 times the price.The fact is,we have the proof in the statistics since 1996, that it hasn’t done anything towards lowering or eliminating the criminal element from using,obtaining or selling illegal guns. Its increasing.

So our brain wave Govt and Police chiefs decide last year,you guessed it. Tighter gun controls,ammunition permits to purchase ammo for the calibers you own only, full details provided and kept by dealer for Police records before purchase. Designate the firearm you want to purchase by serial number on “Permit to Obtain a Firearm” and now show genuine reason for calibre requested. & you guessed it,the very next day after bill passes we had a drive-by in the media.

So what a load of ******* crap it has all been. And its cost the Aussie taxpayer over a Billion $s since its conception in 96.

So NO. It wont do anything for the real problem.”

We as a nation should never look to another nation for its policies. Rather, we should look to other nations to examine their comparative experience with policies this nation is seeking to implement. And anecdotally,  it would appear the Australian experience is instructive.