Steve? Here’s the Republican names that voted for the HB617 Gas Tax:

by Skip

Yeah Steve, the figure I’ve seen is up to $1 Billion in new taxes embedded in HB617 over the next few years – and YOU get to help pay for them each and every time you put the gas nozzle into tank for a fill-up (that is, if you can afford the 83% rise in the State tax).  IMHO, simply because the Politicians can’t keep their cotton picking hands outta the proverbial cookie jar called the Highway Fund.  They complain that there are roads and bridges that NEED REPAIR NOW – yet most of them were red listed when the Democrats held the supermajorities in the NH House and Senate, and holding the Governorship.

You asked, I provide – the list of Republicans that helped the Democrats in the House making life more expensive for Joe and Jane SixPack:

Frank Tilton          Mark McConkey            John Graham     Shawn Jasper     Dave Danielson     Charlene Takesian        Dave Kidder

David Hess              Priscilla Lockwood       Bill Friel               About Khan             Dave Milz                 Kevin Waterhouse        John Sytek

Jim Grenier

Yeah.  Two of Gene Chandler’s Leadership team (bolded) – way to go Team!     Consistency of action. Discipline of message. What do you say about a Leadership Team that can’t vote straight?   Good news coming from this session for taxpayers, I’ll say.

Thank you, Republicans, for helping to give the State a $1 BILLION dollar tax hike.  Imagine how much larger Government can get with that?

Limited Government? Smaller Government? Less taxes?    Well, it seems that Voting Actions speak louder than the Platform.  Voters, you listenin’?

Mere words.  Oh sure, I got the email from the NH GOP Chair, Jennifer Horn condemning the vote.  Got one from NH House Minority Leader Gene Chandler and Laurie Sanborn condemning the vote.  Attacking the Democrats, attacking the Democrat Leadership.

On the Republicans, including those of the Republican Leadership in the House that voted for it?  Zero, none, zippo, null, nada.  Consistency of action. Discipline of message.

Again, WHAT is the difference between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party in the eyes of the voters? Nothing that an extra $1Billion out of the State’s residents can’t unite over, eh? Compromise – what a wonderful thing!  Shows you what Bipartisanship is all about, eh?

Well, BOTH Parties have now shown a willingness to tax us up the wazoo, but at least the Democrats “gives us stuff”, sometimes (even with strings attached).

Republicans?   Just up the wazoo.

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Nothin’ says Republicrat like voting to increase a tax by 83% to increase the flow rate of cash into a bucket that’s leaking the nectar of Government to all its agencies. Anyone check the budget this year to see if the Lilac Lady is there, and which fund finances her most precious of duties? Some night when I can’t get to sleep, I’ll give it a scan to really underscore how much those who voted for this swill really care about the little guys and gals filling up their tanks to go make more money for Nanny Land.
    – C. dog pelting pols with their own detritus

  • DiverDuck61

    I am very surprised to see Frank Tilton on this list. I believe that he was a strong supporter of reining in the outrageous budget proposed by the Belknap County Commissioners.

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