So, Laconia Daily Sun reporter Mike Kitch is being called onto the carpet – again?

by Skip

I’ve been posting on Mike Kitch for years now ever since he showed his true colors (more later) as being rather hostile to Conservatives (and not just to me).  He has argued or screamed at almost every Conservative in town (or failing that, had a snide remark or worse, outright bias in his writing). Now, I could be dismissed by “an honest to goodness Journalist” as yet  another blogger sitting around in his PJs.  However, I make it clear – I am biased as a Conservative with small “L” libertarian leanings and a strong emphasis on a Constitutional foundation and a morality base from being an Evangelical Christian (and have almost 6,500 posts showing so).  There, that’s me.  While we do some objective “Citizen Journalism” (e.g., our recording and posting of video, straight up the middle just as it happens and not as we would like to see it happen), we are an opinionated site (and I like it that way!); we make no apologies for our views (because we are Right!).

In today’s Laconia Daily Sun, it is obvious that Kitch has stepped into it again.  Someone else is complaining – and she matters even if I don’t (emphasis mine):

To the editor,

I have been perplexed by the one-sided reporting of our Belknap County Convention meetings dealing with the approval of the 2013 budget. At the conclusion of our Tuesday, March 19, 2013 meeting, a disrespectful and angry encounter with reporter Michael Kitch lifted the veil as to the slant of his biased reporting.

As chair of our Belknap County delegation, I am extremely disappointed with the obvious lack of Mr. Kitch’s professional behavior. The “press” should never advocate any side in a public forum/discussion. Clearly, a reporter’s personal opinion should never affect the complete and honest reporting of the press. Facts are important but hyperbole only serves to “stir the pot”, effectively heightening what is already a difficult situation.

Many in the Lakes Region rely on The Laconia Daily Sun for information. We can only hope that future meetings will be non-confrontational with reporting representing all sides of the issues in the debate.

Rep. Colette Worsman

Belknap 2 – Gilford & Meredith

Now, I haven’t talked with Colette as of yet – after reading this tonite, I think I will.  However, to show HIS bias, look here, here, here, here, here, and here.  There are also a bunch more where he’s left rather snide remarks – but as a private citizen.  However in doing so, it becomes clear which end of the political spectrum he calls home.

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