Republican Sponsor of NH’s Massive Gas Tax Increase No Longer Supports the Bill

NH Democrats fleece taxpayers again

One of HB617’s original sponsors, a bill that would raise New Hampshire’s gas tax more than 80% once fully implemented, has had a come to Jesus moment with regard to Democrats and taxes.

I can only hope our humble influence here at GraniteGrok, the fact that he is one of my state reps, and the emails pointing out the unpleasant historical truths about New Hampshire’s Democrat community when it comes to spending and taxes, have shown Mr. Barry that these folks are only using him as bi-partisan street cred as a bi-partisan drug mule, to advance a government first agenda, which as a Republican he is supposed to oppose.

This comes via email, from the Merrimack Republican Town Committee.
Subject: Rep Dick Barry will not be supporting an increase in the Gas tax.
MRTC members
Dick Barry called me today to let me know he will no longer be supporting hb 0617 which calls for an increase in the state’s gas tax. His reasoning is Governor Maggie Hassan’s desire to use the increase in gas tax revenue to go towards budget items other than roads and bridges. This just shows the Democrat’s  extreme politics of tax and spend takes precedence over any dialogue about fixing our state’s aging road infrastructure whether you agree with increasing the gas tax or not. 

In this case Maggie would be the hive queen for the Democrat Borg tax collective and Democrat David Campbell was the guy who let the progressive tax and spend cat out of the bag.  For this he has our profound thanks.  We would have fought it either way, he just proved our right reasoning.

Hopefully Mr. Barry will have learned a lesson he can take with him to every hearing and vote in the future.  But given his own voting history, I’m thinking we’ll have to keep close eye on things for the indefinite future.

H/T  to our own Scott Morales, who sent me the email in the first place.