Republican Ed Gionet Jumps Ship on NH Democrats Massive Gas Tax Hike

Grafton County District 5 Republican Ed Gionet, who voted for the Democrats massive gas tax increase in committee –when he thought it was for roads and bridges–has announced that he will not vote for the bill when it hits the house floor.  Why?  Read it for yourself.


March 4, 2013 Rep. Edmund Gionet announced today that he intends to vote against HB 617. Gionet explained, “although I originally voted for the bill in Committee, I have reconsidered for a number of reasons. First, the economic news for January, 2013 was very disturbing. Disposable income fell the most in 20 years, due to the hidden payroll tax increase in the so-called fiscal cliff legislation. Now is not the time to increase the gas tax.” Gionet also pointed to emails that were circulated among Democrat leaders in the House describing the gas tax increase as the “gift that keeps on giving.” Gionet explained “my intent was to repair the roads, not to spend the money elsewhere.”

Hey Ed.  Nice of you to come around but didn’t anyone in the committee hearing question the size of the increases, and the amount of taxes is could have raised, compared to the actual needs of the state?   Keep that in mind for next time please.  And if you are not sure, every time a Democrat wants to add a fee or tax, that is the next time.

H/T Ed Mosca c/o Facebook