Only Taxpayers are supposed to Tighten their Belts

The Republican majority in the Belknap County Convention is fighting County tax increases. These Republicans seem to be the only people in any level of government showing concern for the bill-payers (taxpayers) most of whom are already struggling in today’s poor economy.

In January, President Obama raised working people’s taxes and everyone’s cost of living. Obamacare increased health insurance premiums and includes new taxes. And now we know that Obamacare costs three times what President Obama promised.

Since President Obama was inaugurated, the value of middle class incomes has declined by about $4000 annually. The percentage of people in the workforce is at a 30 year low, jobs are lost every month, and Obama’s regulations and tax policies are so anti-employer that few people are willing to take the risk of hiring more employees. Most middle income people struggle even before new government driven cost of living and tax increases.

Governor Hassan proposed increasing our state budget by almost 8 percent. The Governor is committing NH to Obamacare which initially costs $4 million more just to administer and which will force huge future tax increases. If the speculative income that Hassan’s budget assumes doesn’t materialize, the state will again have to make drastic cuts or/and tax increases.

The Inter-Lakes School District proposes a 3 percent spending increase which will significantly increase Meredith property taxes. Are they educating 3 percent more students? Have they done a 3 percent better job of educating our children?

Even our Selectmen propose to increase Meredith Town spending. While a 2 percent increase is small, it’s on top of all the other tax increases.

Our nation is in desperate financial trouble. During the prosperous times of the last 60 years, politicians grew government and used government power and taxpayer money to support special interest groups while taxpayers were busy working and trusting politicians to properly manage government. That trust was misplaced.

Bad policies eventually have bad results. Now our governments spend more than taxpayers can afford. Low priority, ineffective, and unaffordable programs must be cut. But special interest groups don’t want to cut back, they think tightening one’s belt is something that only taxpayers are supposed to do.

The special interests, and their politician supporters, scream “excessive”, “mean”, “unfair”, “improper”; they try intimidation to maintain the flow of hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Most Belknap County Republicans, under the leadership of Convention Chairman Colette Worsman are being scurrilously attacked by special interest groups and their supporters for working to get County spending under control. They deserve our enthusiastic thanks.

Our country needs representatives at every level of government who are similarly dedicated to effective and affordable government.