Full of Noise and Fury…

by Steve MacDonald

As if it even matters

Comcast Cable, “the nation’s largest cable provider,” has decided it will not accept firearm and ammunition advertisers in the future.
This decision comes after Comcast has been running ads for some gun and hunting groups for decades. Comcast chose this new position after purchasing NBCUniversal, which has a long-standing ban against firearm, ammunition and firework advertisements.

Another important decision by the media industrial complex that signifies nothing.

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  • Tim from Nashua

    That would be Comcast, the parent company of MSNBC. That would be Comcast, who’s CEO, Brian Roberts, was one of O-bah-muhh’s biggest donors. THAT Comcast cable company. I enjoy talking to their door-to-door salesmen that they send around, here in Nashua. After wasting their time, ( Hey, I got more time than money these days ) I let them know I’m not interested in subscribing to a company that is commited to Leftist causes.

  • Scott Morales

    Boy, I’m sure going to recognize the notable absence of Remington, Ruger, and Glock commercials. Not.

    -Scott pondering what-ifs without the firearm commercials

  • coati-boy

    Why are you talking about it if you think it doesn’t matter and signifies nothing?

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