Data Point – the Obama Recovery has been EXCELLENT, yeah?

by Skip

Median Household Income

(H/T: AEI-Ideas)

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  • Chris P. Bacon


    • Tim from Nashua

      And Chris P. Bacon is totally off the menu.

  • Tim from Nashua

    “Ramen noodles, Mac-n-Cheese, chicken nuggets, and fish sticks will have to stay on the weekly menu, Honey.”——Me, to my wife, regarding the ‘New Normal’ ObamaEconomy Diet.

  • This graph speaks volumes. Obama has done a horrible job with regard to improving families’ incomes. With Obama and Biden living high on the hog taking one vacation after another and half a million luxury hotels the Obama administration are clearly telling us they don’t care how bad the little guy is struggling. The Obama administration should should be forever known as the reign of pain.

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