Can They See Your Closed Airport Tower From There?

The Obama daughters are vacationing in the Bahama’s this week, complete with friends,  Secret Service, and court followers aplenty.    Last month Michelle lead an entourage that included both daughters on a Presidents day ski-weekend in Aspen, complete with private all-day lessons, Secret service and court followers as well.  (Mister Obama was busy playing golf with Tiger Woods, and the other entourage of secret service etc.)

And me?  I’ve been reading about sequester cuts and taking crap from the excuse-junkies on the left whenever I ask why the Democrats keep spending millions on crap while insisting they have to punish people for the sequester.  (I’m sorry…why they have to punish people and blame Republicans for the sequester.)

Update:  Mike posted this a few minutes before I did…and he’s got pictures.