Bypassing the Mainstream Media, again

Mainstream media lies....
How do we bypass the mainstream media?

I’ve written about this before HERE and HERE, for instance. It’s worth repeating.

Yesterday I went on a bit of a rant (criticized by several readers as far too mild! There weren’t even any cuss-words!) But in response, one of my friends in the Free State of New Hampshire said this:

Pretty good. Now, how do you get the word out more broadly to…

…more than one “progressive” and the choir?  —Paul

It was a good question. How DO we “get out the word” beyond a small circle of committed friends of liberty? My answer to him was a recurring theme: We must rely upon alternative methods of disseminating information. In Soviet Russia it was handwritten “newspapers” passed hand-to-hand called samizdat. In China for a while it was posters on “free speech walls”; after those were shut down it became word-of-mouth.

For us in America—that is, until the “Department of Homeland Security” or some other agency of the federal government hits the Internet “kill switch”—our method is before your eyes. In sending this and other GraniteGrok postings out to friends and compatriots, I encourage you all to forward that which you find useful, compelling, or right-on to your own email lists. After all, we’re not going to find our type of dissent featured in any outlet of our government-centric (some say “government-run”) mainstream media. So here’s what I said in response to Paul’s email above:

Thank you, Paul. My answer to your question is…FIRST by putting such writings on GraniteGrok. SECOND, by sending them out to my personal “political friends” email list. THIRD, by hoping those political friends—if they find any pieces to be compelling—will forward such writings on their OWN lists (which may contain various political persuasions). Eventually, the hope is that really good writing (if it reaches that level) gets picked up by some national blog and goes viral. We certainly aren’t going to find such writing or opinions featured in any mainstream media outlet, so we’ve got to rely on our own means of information dissemination…such as blogs and email-trees. Like I’ve said in the past, these are essentially modern-day Committees of Correspondence. Thomas Paine and the other Founding Fathers would approve! Cheers, man.