Zero Hedge and “the machinations of a single party system”

by Tim Condon

ZeroHedgeLogoZero Hedge is a blog that according to Wikipedia “reports on economics, Wall Street, and the financial sector.” In 2009 it exposed the practice of “flash trading” by Goldman Sachs’ to gain what were said to be unfair profits. In 2012 Zero Hedge had almost 2 million readers a month, a number that is apparently growing. Today an essay was posted on Zero Hedge that is both very alarming and very well-written. Its thesis is that…

…the government of the United States is quite literally broken and beyond corrupt:

The system we have today has strayed far from the methods of a Free Republic and towards the machinations of a single party system. Our government does NOT represent the common American anymore. It has become a centralized and Sovietized monstrosity. A seething hydra with two poisonous heads; one Democrat in name, one Republican in name. Both heads feed the same bottomless stomach; the predatory and cannibalistic pit of socialized oligarchy….

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the government is not our buddy. It is not our ally or friend. It is not a “part of us”. It is now a separate and dangerous entity. A parasite feeding off the masses. It has become a clear threat to the freedoms of average Americans. It is time for the public to grow up, snap out of its childish delusions, and accept that there is no solace or justice to be found anymore in Washington D.C….

There is no other culture on earth that has the capacity, like Americans currently do, to defeat centralists, defend individual liberty, and end the pursuit of total global power in this lifetime. We are the first and last line. If freedom is undone here, it is undone everywhere for generations to come. This is our responsibility. This is our providence. There can be no complacency. There can be no compromise. There can be no fear. It ends on this ground. One way, or another….

You can read the entire essay HERE.

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