What are those definitions again, Democrats?

by Skip


Having Government  Ownernship makes you, by definition,  Socialists.  Having Administrative control, by definition, makes you a Fascist.


(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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  • Scott Morales

    Having both makes you a Democrat.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Ya think the pied piper will connect a couple of dots?
    – C. dog


      I say again – every successful Democracy in the history of earth has been a blend of capitalist and socialist elements. There cannot be a purely capitalist or a purely socialist Democracy. Admit this fact or prove me wrong.

      • C. dog e. doG

        Perhaps you’re not familiar with Brother Karl’s teachings, or your attention is focused on the process of voting, and diverted from the machinations of the Grate State. What would you call a governing construct in which the voting base votes for the government to “nationalize” industry? Or have that same democratic process hand over the reigns to a particularly loathsome sort to cut deals with movers and shakers in this and that industry? As Karl emphasized – to a fault – means of production mean somefin’, not everything, but quite important nonetheless. Here’s another hint: FDR was a big fan.

        By the way, what is a successful Democracy … a Plebiscite?
        – C. dog borrowing traps de Tocqueville and avoiding binary pitfalls

        • IWKAGGP

          If you mean mother Russia, that was not a Democracy. It was a Communist State. There’s a difference. You really should visit my school. We have a course called “We the People” where students learn about our country’s founding documents. Then there’s American Studies which all Juniors take – it’s an English/Social Studies collaboration and we have an Honors level, and an open level for folks like you. Then there’s Law in Action – where kids learn about, well, the LAW. Many many more courses exist that you might want to take advantage of. Right after we say the pledge every morning you’ve got almost seven hours worth of class time to catch up with the rest of us.

          • C. dog e. doG

            You have a knack for missing the point, Flute-boy. I was giving you hypotheticals to delineate process from substance. If people of a state were to vote to nationalize industries, that would be democratic socialism; the people indeed voted, and they voted for the state to own the means of production, much like France.

            Now back to my prior post, what if by using this same method the peeps handed over the reigns to a regime that cut deals with favored business firms for favored positions within that state’s economy, you know, like what’s been going on in Amerika for some time now? Most favored borrowing terms and outright grants for Golly Green Giants, gambling monopolies, exclusionary building codes, redundant military expenditures, burdensome regulatory barriers to entry … Shall I go on?

            Wunder if any of this stuff makes it to the approved discuss list at Hillsburro High? Remember, Flute boy: de jure, de facto; fictions, and facts. Maybe you could introduce an inquiring mind or two to this blog where inquiry is more than Concord Moronitor paper thin.
            – C. dog throwing more sticks for teachers to chase

          • IWKAGGP

            UUUGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Hillsboro!!!!!! PTOOOOOEY!!!!! You couldn’t pay me enough to work there.

            As for pols and businesses gettin’ all chummy – that’s been going on in this country for a hundred years or more. My favorite president Teddy Roosevelt had the courage to stand up to big business. Most other commanders-in-chief have been shills for corporate America. Whether it’s Big Oil, Big Pharma, or Big Greenie . . . it’s all the same to me. The corporatization of this country.

          • C. dog e. doG

            You’re finally getting closer, nay, nigh upon it. There’s a special word for this type of chumminess, though it’s been confangled with dictatorship and crass jingoism since WWII.
            – C. dog also sick of companion governance

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