What a combo of jobs – but pushing the limit of ‘Grok Rule #1?

by Skip

Linksys RouterOK, so it is a lightweight Friday nite.  Yes this is off the regular beaten pathI don’t think I have EVER seen one person with such a combination of jobs interplaying both at the same time. I’ve hesitated for a while about posting this – this is about as close to ‘Grok Rule #1 (adult themes, kids friendly) as I have ever come.  But it is funny (in a sideways sorta way):

I lived in dread of mixing up my phone-sex job with my tech support job. While a sexy laugh and a description of my breasts might have gotten me good results from retirees who needed their televisions fixed, I couldn’t imagine it going over well with my managers. What I didn’t realize was that that wasn’t the way the mix-up was actually going to go.

The session itself wasn’t anything to write home about. I told him all about how good he made me feel and how much I wanted him, and he was done in pretty short order. He was one of the ones who stuck around for pillow talk. More time means more money for me, so I asked him how his night was going.

“Well, after that, I’d be great all around if my  Internet worked!

“Oh,” I said without thinking about it. “Are you going through a router or are you plugged straight into the wall?”

As it turned out, he was using a router. One hard reboot later, he was back online, and I realized that my life was getting seriously weird.

Yeah, you really think I was going to put up a DIFFERENT image?

(H/T:  Instapundit)

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  • Hmmm…. Its antennae are pointing straight up!

  • C. dog e. doG

    Great. Now I can go to sleep with sugar plum fairies recovering data in me head.
    – C. dog

    • Now THAT’s a most un-American accent – auditory illusions of mangled British accents “dancin’ in me ‘ead”!

  • Chris P. Bacon

    Let me get this straight….i can’t say scrotum but Sir Dog can say Nipples and Skip posts some kind of pervert story about phone sex? That ain’t right. You guys are racist er sumfin’!!

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