Voter fraud teaser

by Ed Naile

All we wanted was to simply see the November 6, 2012 checklist from the City of Portsmouth, NH.  Is that such a crime?  Not really , but when a CNHT pal went to Portsmouth City Hall to look up a name on the checklist, the answer was that the checklist had too much personal information on it for public review so, sorry, NO!

I wasn’t aware that checklists in Portsmouth, NH were so secretive.

The NH Secretary of State’s Office must be behind the times regarding the new law in Portsmouth. They still think checklists are public.

Just last year I did a CNHT Voter Fraud Workshop at the library in Portsmouth and a whole crew of Portsmouth election officials showed up. Like many other election officials they will parrot the line that there is no voter fraud in New Hampshire. And Portsmouth, being a very liberal city, should know about that, right?

Once we started the workshop and the Portsmouth election experts saw I was handing out copies of voter fraud confessions, photographs, police reports, etc., they lost the smirks they walked in with.  One little moonbat tried to take the microphone from me to explain that what I was talking about was in all actuality, election law violations, not voter fraud.  Keep in mind this haughty group of lefties was so sure there was no voter fraud in NH that they were caught off guard when it was dropped in their laps. (Typical liberals without talking points.)

I have, since that time, wondered when we would have enough time to explore voting irregularities in that fine, Progressive city.

Without a complete re-definition of what voter fraud is and how it may be similar to or very different from election law violations, we may get a peek into how the Portsmouth Election Officials operate when they THINK voter checklists are secret documents only they and their fellow travelers can see.

In the front row of the Portsmouth Library sat a few people who live in that city and apparently know right from wrong. They started mocking some of the moonbats and chuckling at their discomfort.  I thought, then and there, it would be nice to go back to Portsmouth and have another go at exposing voter fraud.


Coming soon to a location in Portsmouth – a new updated example of how voter fraud works – with a wink and a nod from local election officials!

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Hey Tree Guy! When might Florida or Arizona republicans go rogue and insist their state be granted the coveted 1st primary (or at least concurrent), rather than perpetuating the New Hamster fraudulent system riddled with incursions from MA-MA Land and beyond? Possibly another way to skin the cat to deal with the New Hamster “legal” provision, is for these state parties to place their primary so close to New Hamster’s that any sentient pol (who are we kidding, it’s their campaign staff that have the real street smarts) would choose to place their bet on those states, thus derailing the rodent-infested trains to New Hamster. Win/Win!
    – C. dog seeks to secure the borders

    • Ed Naile

      Maybe we will see a Republican candiate who doesn’t want to waste money on a rigged election – that means a nonestablishment person.
      But the more important question is this:
      Will the Democrats/Marxist/moonbats “competeing” in the next liberal presidential primary figure out that the Obama people are taking sides in the NH Democrat primaries – the outcome is basically preordained and a done deal for one lucky Obama underling.
      Is Jackie Cilley that silly she hasn’t figured that out?

      • C. dog e. doG

        Live by the rigged election apparatus, die by same.
        – C. dog

  • Kevin Kervick

    Ward 5 in Portsmouth may have been the most compromised this past November. From 5 PM forward, my Republican counterpart said he recognized very few faces of those that were streaming in to the High School polling station even though he has lived in Ward 5 for much of his life and campaigned door to door vigorously. Something was rotten in Ward 5.

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