Video of Meteor Exploding Over Russia

by Steve MacDonald

There are reports from Russia that as many as 900 people have been injured,  and many windows shattered (see possible effect and then cause relationship there) after a meteor(s) exploded just above the ground in the Ural region.

More video on the jump


H/T Hot Air –  where you will also read why so many Russians have active video in their car while driving.  (I guess it is like Detroit… everywhere.)

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  • G20 meets in Moscow, debates currency wars, near miss by meteor. Hmmm.

  • C. dog e. doG

    O.K., let me get this straight –
    First, the Pope resigns. Then, a M.I.R.V. meteorite strikes Mommy Earth. Barry keeps ringing up the debt of The Super Power. Kim Kardashian’s backside initiates its own gravitational pull upon any number of impure athletes. Mommy Earth has a warm flash. “Standup Chuck” Biden has a cogent thought. And Chris P. Bacon goes AWOL!

    So, how many signs have to happen before we are fully immersed in a fully fledged, all-out Apocalypse?
    – C. dog cowering in his freedom bunker looking for sins

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