“Timmuh” Apologizes

by Rick Olson

“In the case of the Japanese, they usually commit suicide before they make any apology.” —Senator Chuck Grassley 


Rep. Timothy Horrigan: “The Republicans drove me to it, I tell you!”

Timmy apologized today. Well, sort of…eh…not really. I mean, I don’t really think he meant it. First, Tim, “Mother Hubbard” Horrigan told the Union Leader, 

  1. Its the Republicans Fault:  “the Republicans have been a little bit hypocritical about the gun violence issue.” He said he had just seen a Tweet David Wheeler, the father of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim Ben Wheeler. “I went to grade school with David Wheeler, and he’s a very awesome person…”
  2. I was Angry at the Republicans.  “I was kind of [sic]angry about some of the gun stuff,” Horrigan said, “especially since I know someone whose son was murdered.
  3. Somebody else said it, not me. “It’s not something I said myself,” Horrigan said. “But yes, I did re-Tweet it.”
  4. Its nothing personal. ” “It was nothing personal” against them, (Horrigan) said.

That is not an apology…that is a bunch of excuses for the bad behavior. That shows me he is strident and lacking any remorse.

So finally, after rationalizing, justifying and making excuses for it. Here is Timmy “MH” Horrigan’s apology:

“I certainly don’t want Justice Scalia to be shot by Dick Cheney or anyone else,” Horrigan said. “I’m certainly apologetic. “It was nothing personal” against them, he said.

This is the apology we should see…. 

“I am sorry for retweeting a post that gratuitously wishes the death of another human being. This moment of poor judgment on my part was in extremely poor taste and showed an utter lack of intolerance and hypocrisy and for that I apologize.”

But very quickly the article became a contest for who could be the bigger “A”-hole in responding…Teri “Billion Dollar” Norelli had absolutely nothing to say about the matter and ignored calls from Republican State Chairman Jennifer Horn to condemn the comments.

Ray, “Buckles the Clown” Buckley went on one of his usual pablum-puking attacks on Republicans telling the UL, “Horrigan appropriately apologized.” and, “I welcome this new Republican attitude of calling on elected officials to act in a respectful manner. I hope that Chair Horn will be as eager to call out Republicans for their bad behavior as she does with others.

“If so,” Buckley said, “she will be very busy issuing press releases reining in her legislators. Representative Horrigan has appropriately apologized. I can provide Chair (Horn) the list of Republican legislators who also owe the public an apology for their extremely inappropriate words and behavior. 

Buckley and his punchlines. He is like a kid on a playground who bleats, “I know you are but what am I?” I am suddenly reminded that light travels faster than sound.
That’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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