The Steep Barriers To Entry in Massachusetts – Bielat Withdraws

by Mike

Sean Bielat withdraws Senate bid

Sean Bielat withdraws Senate bid

Followup: Last week, I was quick enough to tell readers about Sean Bielat’s run at the open Senate seat in Massachusetts, and commend him to you: “Semper Fi! A Marine Stands Up In Massachusetts
Unfortunately, it was not to be – the short timeframe and large number of signatures required to get on the ballot caused Sean to reconsider. I’m hugely disappointed, but didn’t want to leave you misinformed, or contributing to a race which has been abandoned. We wish Mr Bielat and his family the best, and hope he’ll be back.

Dear Fellow American,

Over the past few weeks, I have given a lot of consideration and exploration towards running for the U.S. Senate in the Massachusetts special election — and been deeply moved by the support so many of you have shown towards the idea of my candidacy, but I have made the decision not to run at this time.

It is with some reluctance, but also with great gratitude for the outpouring of volunteer and donor support, that I make my decision. Based on everything we have seen, and the data and information we have, I am confident that we could have run a strong race and would have stood a good chance of winning the general election. However, the enormous time and cost associated with Massachusetts’ petition process presents a substantial barrier and would impose a great burden on our volunteers and organization.

Even more importantly for me however, is that this is simply not the right time for our family. Running a third campaign in a high-profile race in three years with a one and a two year-old at home would be particularly difficult on our family. The most compelling reason for me to run is for our country’s future and for our children’s futures, but at this point, Hope and I feel that I can do the most for our children simply by spending more time with them.

I sincerely hope our supporters, volunteers, and donors will join me in working hard to ensure that we elect a candidate who will serve us well in the Senate and provide much needed leadership in Washington. As for me, I will continue to be involved in politics and policy in a few ways:

  • Devoting my political energies and the money we have raised through my exploratory committee to support the Republican nominee for the special election. This election, we are very fortunate to have three great candidates: Michael Sullivan, former U.S. attorney, former acting head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and former state representative; Dan Winslow, a state representative, former state judge, and former legal counsel in the Romney Administration; and Gabriel Gomez, a businessman and veteran. I will be 100% behind whichever candidate wins the nomination.
  • Launching a Political Action Committee (PAC) focused on vetting and supporting New England candidates who can do the most to revitalize the GOP and begin to give voters real choices at the polls. I will have more to announce in the next few weeks as we convert the Senate Committee into a PAC and put your support to work right away in this special election and in the coming midterm elections. For now you can sign up to learn more at
  • Continuing to focus on One Click Politics. The goal of is to provide non-partisan tools for average Americans to engage with Congress. Currently, it is very difficult to contact representatives outside your district, meaning the average person has little say in policy decisions that affect all of us. intends to help change that. We will work to create policy discussion while avoiding online partisan bickering.

In summary, I will not be running for the U.S. Senate at this time, but I am extremely grateful for the support I have received. That support and my time and energy will be focused on getting our next Republican Senator elected, revitalizing the Republican party, and bringing more balance to our representation in Washington.


Sean Bielat
Conservative Candidate for U.S. Senate
Major, Marine Corp Reserve

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