The Real Cause For Murder

by Steve MacDonald

Iowahawk posted this at Breitbart yesterday and there is simply no way to excerpt it, without losing the point so I have included it in it’s entirety.  The conclusion is Iowahawks as well….(enjoy)

Chicago, IL  Houston, TX 
Population  2.7 million  2.15 million
Median HH income  $38,600  $37,000
 % African-American  32.9%  24%
 % Hispanic  28.9%  44%
 % Asian  5.5%  6%
 % non-Hispanic White  31.7%  26%

A reasonably similar matchup -until:

Chicago, IL  Houston, TX 
Concealed carry
gun law
no  yes
 # of gun stores  0  84 dedicated gun shops,
1500 places to buy guns
(Walmart, etc.)
Homicides, 2012  506  207
Homicides per 100k  18.4 9.6
Average January
high temp, F
 31  63

Conclusion: cold causes murder.

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  • Chris P. Bacon

    I agree. Having flead the northern climates (anything more then 100 miles north or I-10) it is easy to see cold causes all kinds of no buenoness.

    Look Groksters, i am telling you this cuz i care. i started in the Carribean and Central America the son of a poor white misionary. At age 8 he took me to Grampas farm (it was the summer of ’74) in MASS. where at age 8 he taught me use a chainsaw and we commenced to cutting firewood. After a little while i was curious how much cooking/barbqing we were going to do as the firewood soon turned into many cords. Ole pops told me we would be burning it the next winta to keep warm. I asked: “what’s winta, and why would you need to worry about keeping warm?”

    He just laughed and for the next 16 years i suffured through the horrors of what i found out winta is (and being a patriots fan, those were tough years). As soon as i could (after a short stay in Nashua and Hollis too) i escaped to warmer climates.

    Don’t wait till you are filling depends with what you ate 6 hours ago to escape to Florida (although i would rather be in AZ, or NM) AZ is full of Snow birds and Canadiens trying to figure out why they waited so long to escape.

    CPB Cuz he cares.

    • nhsteve

      Only a matter of time CPB before my wife gets tired of being frozen half the year…that, kids in school, the job I get paid to do is here as is my wifes. Not rich, so may be a few years but next time I’m near I-10 I’ll top by for something crsipy.

      • Chris P. Bacon

        Your always welcome Steve. I have people i have never met in my house for treatments all the time, so i am used to strangers. I live on top of a mountain looking down on the town of Payson, AZ. I live at the top of “the Hill Of Happiness” (my name) in a little cabin named “The Monestary” (so named by visitors).

        There is a reason that even though the US pop keeps expanding, most northern states lose Reps after every census.

        It is amazing how much attitude has to do with it though. I have lived in some pretty amazing places around the world and no matter where i go, there are some happy people and some angry people. Attitude is everything, so i try and pick a good one 🙂

        When i was 8 i moved to the US and i thought this must be the happiest place on earth cuz people had so much (had only lived in the 3rd world thus far). So much for that theory. I grew up around people who lived in shacks with dirt floors and went to the bathroom outside in a hole, and on average they were happier then the people here. They all wanted to come here cuz they thought more was better. Just the human condition i guess. No matter your condition, you wish it were different.

        Oh well.

  • ChicagoKev

    Actually, if you read “Second City Cop” blog, it appears cold prevents murder; the murder rate in Chicago tends to track the temperature.

    Population density is another possibility?
    Houston: 3,623/sq mi
    Chicago: 11,864.4/sq mi

    • nhsteve

      I would agree. Your trigger finger freezes up terribly and when the gang boys bang with the pistol turned sideways like on tv the shell casings hurt something fierce deflecting off their frozen faces. (hee hee)

      Sorry. Yes. I read that as well, though not where you indicated. Even murderers dislike the freezing cold. Ironic in a way.

      Density is definitely a likley factor as well though I suspect the knowledge that no one else but other criminals are armed has been known to lead to more violent crime, some of which ends ups killing people who were just wating for the train to get home and watch American Idol.

      I expect they are happy when it’s cold then, or are they too ‘dense’ to realize?

    • Chris P. Bacon

      Interesting point CK. I think density has a lot to do with it for sure, however, like any other “truth” we decide to hang our hat on, with a little effort (keeping an open mind of course…like a parachute, that’s when it works best) we could find the opposite to be “true”.

      • C. dog e. doG

        I know when I’m surrounded by dense people, I sure do get sum squirrely. That’s when I put my away BB guns and crossbow with silencer before I hurt myself.
        – C. dog, ever the vigilanté

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