The Obligatory Northeast Snowfall Timelapse Video

by Steve MacDonald

For those of you not yet weary of reports about “the big snowstorm” in the Northeast, here’s a time-lapse video from Hartford CT.

Just for contrast, we got about 18″ where I live in Southern New Hampshire, some places–not that far from me–got two feet; these folks got a tiny bit more.

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  • Chris P. Bacon

    Looks like the blizzard of 78!! Course back then i think it was caused by global cooling.


      No no not “global cooling” . . . didn’t they call it “the next ice age” or “nuclear winter” or some other such term???

      What I don’t understand is how come when we had that cold snap a couple weeks ago that they said “you can’t conflate weather with climate” yet when we get a heat wave in the summer those same folks cry, “SEE, THIS IS PROOF OF GLOBAL WARMING” ? ? ?

      • C. dog e. doG

        Now you’re starting to get hip to the duplicity in the way they play the game.
        – C. dog

      • Chris P. Bacon

        Yah, i really don’t get it either. What i do know is this s[ecies is reproducting like rats and crapping right where it eats. I don’t take a position on CAGW cuz i arent smart enough to really understand it.

        I do know for sure that pollution sucks. i can look around and SEE it and when in LA i can taste it and my lungs can FEEL it.

        Having grown up on a farm and gardened ever since i can test the soil to SEE how depleted it is getting, and while doing travels all over the western hemisphere can SEE the garbage pilling up.

        Until i was 8 i lived in the 3rd world, so i had never lived somewhere where there were garages. Upon moving here (parents were from NE) i remeber hearing about peole getting asphixsiated in there garages while running there cars. At about the age of 8 i knew the atmosphere was just a big garage and began wondering when we as a species would kill ourselves with our own air.

        If i were God, i would be quite pissed over how this species of dingbats treats my creation.

        • IWKAGGP

          I agree Chris! As a species we’re ugly, smelly, loud and destructive. We’re the only species I know in fact that has a majority of members that are unattractive.

          You’re to be commended for taking responsibility of your own produce. You sound like a true “localvore” and as such, are (hopefully) the way of the future.

          • Chris P. Bacon

            have you seen my aquaponics set up at “aquaponicspauly” on youtube?

  • Sam Adams

    The unions in CT can”t even plow the roads, want emergency federal funds. Historical super storm?? where, its just snow? Roads plowed as a path and now iced up? Biggest scam I ever seen.

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