The Obama Recovery Is So Darn Good…

by Steve MacDonald

Labor force shrinks againThe recovery is so damn good that more people stopped looking for work than found a job in January.  Around 157,000 became employed while 169,000 people left the labor force.

Since Obama came to office 8.5 million Americans have left the labor force.  That means that there are 8.5 million fewer jobs in the country than when Obama took office. (Real  unemployment is 14.4%)

Yeah, we’ve got a lot more paper pushers in the government, a lot more government spending, and 8.5 million fewer consumers earning their own income, instead of needing to live off of yours.  Everyone who can do basic math knows how well that is going to turn out.  Good thing the government schools don’t teach that the way they used to.  Math, I mean.


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  • Chris P. Bacon

    Steve, Steve, Steve…..Just take a deep breathe and think about it for a minute. Is is really possible that the powers that be are going to let a Muslim who was probably not even born in this country make any real decisions? Really, think about that for a minute. It’s a show good buddy. This clown in chief has all the same real power the last clown did. Sure, he knows English a little better.

    It’s a show folks. Nothing this stupid could be real. Notice how very little really changes and somehow the countries voters are so evenly divided no mater how big an A$$ the “other” parties guy was?

    On a local level, are polkitics real? Sure. Probably. But even then certain people seem to have an advantage, but American National politics is a joke and a show. Not saying the same thing isn’t going on everywhere that “democracy” is the in thing, but we have it down to an art here.

    It’s all an illusion.

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