Ted Nugent? Piers Morgan? Gun control? Slapdown!

by Skip

“Why does anyone need…”  Always, the Progressive not understanding that Freedom does not require a need to obvious to anyone other than the person who wishes to possess or do someting.”

Uncle Ted’s line of the interview: “Would you leave us the hell alone!”  I really do wish that Progressives would stop trying to “perfect” us and get out of our lives and our society.  If they want to have their ‘perfect union”, fine; take all the folks and go to New York or California – ready made States for your philosophy.  Let the Free Staters and other Liberty & Freedom folks come to NH – the perfect example of the Right of Association.  I note that the Free Staters are perfectly fine with that Right – it is the Progressives that want to force associations (via communitarian happy face) upon the population whether they want to or not.

(H/T: Breitbart TV)

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