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by Skip

NH Democrats have Nancy Pelosi Values - and they used to be proud of that.

NH Democrats have Nancy Pelosi Values – and they used to be proud of that.

I DVR and watch the “Talking Head Sunday Morning shows” like Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, and even WUMR’s Closeup”; why?  Somebody is bound and determined to say something stupid.  Well, it is still early and have only gone through Fox New Sunday, but Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did not disappoint.  In talking with Chris Wallace, the topic of gun control came up.  Leaving aside her takeoff on why gun murders are so low in Japan (“noexplanation for that, except that they may have good gun laws”).  Of COURSE, all acts of violence depends on taking her kinds of guns away from people she doesn’t like like.  And she stands on the BEST part of the Constitution / Bill of Rights for “allowing” guns, too!

No further sales of assault weapons, what’s is the justification for an assault weapon? No further sales of those? No further sales of the increased capacity 30 rounds in a gun. We’re talking background checks which is very popular even among gun owners and hunters.

We avow the First Amendment. We stand with that and say that people have a right to have a gun to protect themselves and their homes and their jobs, where ever, and that they…and their workplace, for recreation and for hunting and the rest.

So we are not questioning their right to do that.

Sigh…shades of “Are you serious?”  This women used to be the Speaker of the US House and now is the Minority Leader in the US House.  Is it too much to expect that she’d get which Amendment speaks to what issue on one of the top issues of the day?

Then there was Stephanie Cutter (“Propaganda for Obama”) on This Week:

But if you look at what the President talked about, it’s not Progressive, that’s the center of the Country right now.  Whether it’s gay marriage or climate change, immigration, you’ve seen how far we’ve been able to move the immigration debate.  That’s where the country is.

Really?  Gay Marriage?  Has she forgotten that 10 times the number of States that have voted for it actually have voted against gay marriage.  Really, climate change?  As the EPA keeps pushing the Federal Govt’s nose not just under the tent but up the pant legs / skirts of Society under the guise of “fundamentally transforming” our use of energy, even the unions are starting to cast a glinty eye and looking for bats.  While I have been hearing a lot from DC and talking heads about immigration, I’m not hearing a lot of buzz from “the country” about it just yet, so I’m not even sure her basis for this….

….except, as a slimey political operative for a President that care not a whit for the values of the Constitution (except when they can be twisted to fit the anti-Constitutional Progressive agenda), she just plain is making stuff up worse that the most disgusting used car sales person.



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  • C. dog e. doG

    I see scaaaary people. Can’t we just trim the 1st amendment to require Pelosi pol to register before she fires another round from her pie-hole?
    – C. dog would play tit-4-tat, but the though is too nauseating

    • granitegrok

      Well, the NH Pols, both D AND R (WHAT??) are all about people “Registering” (and paying fees, dontcha know!) to speak their minds about politicians and their favorite interests and pastimes (er, like getting re-elected).

      • C. dog e. doG

        If it’s paper they want, then paper they should get. I bet there’s plenty of receipts we could gather at supermarkets and convenience stores that we could send them. Better yet, receipts from their own booze brothels.
        – C. dog

  • Scott Morales

    Cutter is to sociopath what Babe Ruth is to home run hitters: emblematic. The crooked smile, the psychotic eyes, the pathological lying. She totally reminds me of the bunny cooker in Fatal Attraction.

    -Scott bolting the hatches when awaiting Cutter

    • C. dog e. doG

      Annoying pol surrogates are just so darn … annoying. They are the worst of the worst courtesans who seek favored scraps by heralding the king and his key horsemen, and lavish him with praise and other party favors. Wonder if she felt a tingle along with Chrissy Matthews.
      – C. dog

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