So College Kids Should Be Allowed to Vote In NH, Even if They never Went to College in NH?

by Steve MacDonald

VVote From Here - No Matter Where you live!

Vote In NH – No Matter Where you really live!

Meet Emanuel Yekutiel.  Emanuel left Los Angeles, where his parents live, to go to College in Massachusetts.  According to Ed Naile at NH Insider, Emanuel is listed as living at 33 Stetson Ct., Williamstown, Ma. 01267.

But in 2012 he voted from 3 Woodley Rd in Lebanon New Hampshire, more than 100 miles away from his address in Massachusetts.

Could it be that having been employed in the service of the Obama For America office at 85 Mechanic Street in Lebanon could have played a role in his choice of polling places?

Well that is very curious.  You see, I know Democrats have insisted that “out of state college students,” hardship cases–incapable of voting absentee like everyone else, must be permitted the “right” (THE RIGHT!) to vote where they go to school, but here we have a guy who not only didn’t vote absentee in his home town, he didn’t even vote from the out of state address where he went to school–he voted over 100 miles away in Lebanon New Hampshire, in close proximity to the Obama Campaign office he worked at.  Hmmmm.

That’s an awful….um…liberal interpretation of that Domicile narrative, don’t you think.

By the way – wasn’t non-resident Paolo Cozzi voting in New Hampshire while working for OFA as well?

H/T Ed Naile- NH Insider


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