So College Kids Should Be Allowed to Vote In NH, Even if They never Went to College in NH?

by Steve MacDonald

VVote From Here - No Matter Where you live!

Vote In NH – No Matter Where you really live!

Meet Emanuel Yekutiel.  Emanuel left Los Angeles, where his parents live, to go to College in Massachusetts.  According to Ed Naile at NH Insider, Emanuel is listed as living at 33 Stetson Ct., Williamstown, Ma. 01267.

But in 2012 he voted from 3 Woodley Rd in Lebanon New Hampshire, more than 100 miles away from his address in Massachusetts.

Could it be that having been employed in the service of the Obama For America office at 85 Mechanic Street in Lebanon could have played a role in his choice of polling places?

Well that is very curious.  You see, I know Democrats have insisted that “out of state college students,” hardship cases–incapable of voting absentee like everyone else, must be permitted the “right” (THE RIGHT!) to vote where they go to school, but here we have a guy who not only didn’t vote absentee in his home town, he didn’t even vote from the out of state address where he went to school–he voted over 100 miles away in Lebanon New Hampshire, in close proximity to the Obama Campaign office he worked at.  Hmmmm.

That’s an awful….um…liberal interpretation of that Domicile narrative, don’t you think.

By the way – wasn’t non-resident Paolo Cozzi voting in New Hampshire while working for OFA as well?

H/T Ed Naile- NH Insider


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  • C. dog e. doG

    Clearly, Steve, you haven’t mastered the ability to close your eyes like New Hamsters illustrious attorney general has. For instructions, you might want to watch 3 Stooges reruns … then, all will become clear.
    – C. dog wunders what deer Marissa is thinkin’ about her career choice rite about now

    • nhsteve

      Marissa’s good. She was probably violating an open container law in the twitter photo so what’s a little vote fraud among Democrat party animals?

      • C. dog e. doG

        Do you think Marissa was a naughty, naughty girl in Jim Foley’s basement?
        – C. dog

        • nhsteve

          We’d have to check with Jimbo, but he might be busy with the colon cleanse.

          • C. dog e. doG

            It’s such a bad idea to pick fights with bloggers and their enablers:-)
            – C. dog e. doG

        • Chris P. Bacon

          i suppose this thread of yours is all my fault?

          • C. dog e. doG

            Yes. You derailed my train of thought and now I’m stuck on one track.
            – C. dog seeks caboose that is loose

          • Chris P. Bacon

            poor boy dont you lie on the trakalaka, poor boy, don’t you lie on the track.

            Jeekers creekers, i just red your signature…LMAO!!

  • nhsteve

    I was just thinking… we could ask Tim Horrigan–who has a bill to change the definition of domicile in NH–to change the domicile laws further and just say that everyone “everywhere” is a “college student domiciled in New Hampshire”…for voting purposes.

    We’d never, ever, (ever-ever-ever) have to worry about voter fraud, ever again, (not even the more popular abuses of absentee fraud) becasue it would have been made legal in all instances and effectively legislated completely out of existence. (Maybe even add a “vote early and often” exception while we’re not giving a damn.)

    • Ed Naile

      I don’t know that your pal has any real input in anything to do with voter fraud in NH or election laws.
      News flash! There is a phony in Mom’s basement.
      Exposing voter fraud and cleaning up NH elections is the domaign of NH patriots, not crooks in Concord.

      • nhsteve

        No vote fraud in NH except for all the vote fraud…and good thing you are here to point it out.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Wunder if good ole’ Eph E-manual attends that wunderful ivy-wannabee collage for po’ lil’ rich folk to opine on purple valleys, milk golden-utters, and conjure up their big issue of the year in some quaint log pub? Seems like another egg-head fell out of the padded carton again to vote the right way to correct the error of our ways. Remember E-manual to don your black overcoat when flitting about town at night … we wouldn’t want to miss you.

    Thanks, Ephmen, you do your eunuch tradition proud!
    – C. dog cheers on Amherst from the sidelines in this major kitty kerfuffle

  • Van

    We need a database on everybody who voted on election day and do a double sort check their names against their address and analyze addresses with multiple last names. Like Obama headquarters.

    We also need to go further than just exposing these voting frauds on blogs we need to get this out to the mainstream. This means that we need some state Reps to expose these frauds in a press conference or at some rally that would get media exposure.

    • Ed Naile

      Database chasing is an art form in itself. How many times have we heard that some entity has a database conservatives can use and we find out it is empty rhetoric. Romney had the latest version.
      What we need in NH is a group of people who are willing to get the checklists from the day of the election on the paper it was compiled on.
      I can promise you that the information put into the “database” in any city in NH is most likely already cleaned of double voters before you get the electronic list.
      Try this experiment:
      Try to match any electronic list compiled AFTER and election with the one from Election Day. You will find the numbers do not match.
      In fact, hardley any numbers on any list in NH match with any other source.
      The questionable names on the original list are the ones you need to explore. If you spend time on the super-duper electronic list all you will have in the bitter end is a home-spun story of how long it took to figure out all the problems with the garbage in – garbage out list.

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