Slow To Find It, Quick To Lose It – Sharleene Goes Non-Linear

by Mike

She's Baaaack!

She’s Baaaack!

Ten days after our post about the DemocRAT-like uncivil behavior and vandalism committed by Sharleene Hurst, the post was the digital equivalent of six feet under, and sleeping peacefully……. Until tonight, when the radar at Grok HQ lit up brighter than the BatSignal over Gotham, and we discovered that GrokSignalSharleene had paid the site a visit and was commenting up a non-linear storm, leaving a nice digital trail, and reinforcing our original case against her!

The entire Grok team pitched in, because it was too much fun – like shooting pixels in a barrel.
I closed out my comments with:

One public figure picks a fight with another in a public place, doesn’t like being asked to cease and desist (first example of bad behavior being confronted).
Later, one public figure vandalizes property belonging to a second public figure but scurries away upon being asked what she is doing (second instance of bad behavior being confronted).
The moving finger, having vandalized the sign, moved on, but the story began to write itself. Feeling guilty, the perp ducked attempts at photographs, and belatedly flattered herself by suggesting that male reporters wanted her picture for reasons of lust. Hah!
Belatedly choosing to add comments to the ‘Grok, our perp goes non-linear, practically making our case for us.

Mistake #1 making an exhibition of oneself in a public meeting.
Mistake #2 committing an act of vandalism in front of witnesses.
Mistake #3 picking a fight with a whole team of bloggers who buy pixels by the barrel.
Mistake #4 forgetting that said non-linear comments are now OUR property, and we can draw attention to them at any time.

For the record, both male and female members of this team have known Diane Bitter for a long time, and chose to write the story about the vandalizing of her signup board because we saw the vandalism as a low class attack on a classy person. She did not ask us. She did not need to.

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  • mer

    “Stupid is as stupid does” comes to mind. With sincere apologies to all the stupid people out there, I mean no disrespect to them by comparing a democrat to them.

    • She’s a Republican with DemocRAT-style civility issues.

      • Yea, Mike, you are mad because I was so harsh to you. and your wife… wich was hard, because I actually LIKE HER… Your article was ROUGH, so I gave what I got. You gave PRETTY good. REMEMBER that. A man isn’t supposed to talk to a LADY that way, you know… and if I WAS a lady, you could be in a lot of trouble for that!

        • Besides, I am an American, what do you want? Your lucky I know how to eat with a fork and chew with my mouth closed!

  • C. dog e. doG

    I fealty kinda icky after immersing in all that dirty laundry, so I took a bath.
    – C. dog

    • Indeed! After a couple of measured replies, and this post as a reminder that the original story would soon have been forgotten without her help, I intend to take a back seat and let the story continue to write itself – even if she stops now, Sharleene has left us a bountiful stack of stuff 🙂

      • C. dog e. doG

        Too much coffee, too quick to type, too little reflection – all of which is so readily curable.
        – C. dog has been known to apologize on occasion for his errant strays from Truth, Liberty, and, and, being a nice doggy

        • Skip thinks it possible that she has no reflection, at all. Hmmm.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Too bad it wasn’t a Libotomized democratic pol, they are the quarry I prefer to chase. I actually hope she takes a big step back, cools off, apologizes, and moves on. Properly channelled, that energy could go a long way.
            – C. dog seeking salvation

          • Nope, jecked this morning, still there. No fangs yet either. 🙂

          • Tongue in cheek, don’tcha know?
            BTW, problems with the spell ‘jecker’?

          • No, just a typo..fixed it. By the way, I would also like to appologize to Bubbles. You are a fine, and fun lady, and my remarks got really out of hand. That stuff about you being picked on as a kid- takes one to know one. Thats how I grew my ability for verbal street fighting. I am truly sorry. You are a good person.:)..!

        • No, No, No – never be a “nice doggy” – we enjoy your quips just the way they are!

    • Scott Morales

      I totally understand, that usually helps to dislodge the flesh clinging fleas.

  • You guys are nuts. You really want to start this ALL over again? My fingers are getting tired from all the TYPING! Well of COARSE I APPOLOGIZE! I know I behaved badly. I was angry. NO one behaves well when they are angry. It is frustrating when someone is unwilling to work with me and other people. Especially when we have been putting in the time and working hard to elect candidates and support the Party for year. I am not making an excuse for my behavior. I am explaining the frustration you feel when you work hard and face shuch a horrible national crushing election blow, your’e moral is already low and your grass roots people are rewarded by being crushed by a Party offical. It is worse whin she is the only one who seems to be who is gaining any thing in the post election period. She got 3 Party offices while the people that were out fighting in the political trenches got the kissoff. Its like having our own Party kicking us while we were already down. I admit, I got angry and may have lost my temper. The alternative was to sit back and say nothing. Would you have done that? Perhaps I should have handled it better, and for that I appologize. I could have taken my beef public. What if I had gone to the Hampton Union and placed an article? Or contacted another news paper? What you have done here to me is far worse, and for much less than coopting County Party Elections. We all have to start behaving better. We all have to remember that most of the people here are VOLUNTEERS. They only stick around as long as they feel WELCOME. I am NOT a public person. I LOST my election. I do NOT hold a public office. I am not currantly planning to run for office nor do I need to. In fact, I am really nobody at all. You attacked someone who has no importance. My SOLE interest in being an active Republican is to win the County and State back. It seems like everyone else is just in it for their own gain, or their own egos, Party be damned.

    • C. dog e. doG

      That’s a good start. And your frustration is felt by many here and elsewhere – not only with the nominal losses during Parade Time in America, but also with the nominal pro-freedom pols (RINO’s) who trot out tired stump speeches to gather supporters, then, should they win, negotiate the flaccid terms of retreat.

      Putting my Oprah slacks on, I still recommend you take a vacation from the keypad for a while, have a drink or a toke, enjoy the snow kerfuffle about to befall us, then make a snowman … or women … or transgenderd-normative somefin’ or other.
      – C. dog mending fences to focus on big picture shows

  • Sorry to bother you guys again, but I read some of you mag. a lot of the OTHER articles are pretty good! I tried to subscribe, but it did’nt seem to work. You actually do some good work. I forgot to say sorry to Rick for all the weight insults. He did really good with those comebacks, though. No liberal will make Him their b&*^%. Keep the truth about our socialist rulers comming!

    sincerely Sharleene

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