Slow To Find It, Quick To Lose It – Sharleene Goes Non-Linear

She's Baaaack!
She’s Baaaack!
Ten days after our post about the DemocRAT-like uncivil behavior and vandalism committed by Sharleene Hurst, the post was the digital equivalent of six feet under, and sleeping peacefully……. Until tonight, when the radar at Grok HQ lit up brighter than the BatSignal over Gotham, and we discovered that GrokSignalSharleene had paid the site a visit and was commenting up a non-linear storm, leaving a nice digital trail, and reinforcing our original case against her!

The entire Grok team pitched in, because it was too much fun – like shooting pixels in a barrel.
I closed out my comments with:

One public figure picks a fight with another in a public place, doesn’t like being asked to cease and desist (first example of bad behavior being confronted).
Later, one public figure vandalizes property belonging to a second public figure but scurries away upon being asked what she is doing (second instance of bad behavior being confronted).
The moving finger, having vandalized the sign, moved on, but the story began to write itself. Feeling guilty, the perp ducked attempts at photographs, and belatedly flattered herself by suggesting that male reporters wanted her picture for reasons of lust. Hah!
Belatedly choosing to add comments to the ‘Grok, our perp goes non-linear, practically making our case for us.

Mistake #1 making an exhibition of oneself in a public meeting.
Mistake #2 committing an act of vandalism in front of witnesses.
Mistake #3 picking a fight with a whole team of bloggers who buy pixels by the barrel.
Mistake #4 forgetting that said non-linear comments are now OUR property, and we can draw attention to them at any time.

For the record, both male and female members of this team have known Diane Bitter for a long time, and chose to write the story about the vandalizing of her signup board because we saw the vandalism as a low class attack on a classy person. She did not ask us. She did not need to.