Shawn Millerick: kettle, black

by Skip

Jethro BodineYou know, I ALMOST forgot about this line:

——– Original Message ——–
Subject:     Kuster??
Date:     Mon, 11 Feb 2013 18:39:47 -0500
From:     Shawn Millerick <>
To: <>

How is it the biggest opportunity to bash a Democrat/Liberal comes along and you guys have stories about snow storms on your site? Kuster dodging taxes is not big enough to cover?? You guys are lame. Keep going after everyone else. I suspect I was the only person who read your site today so you should thank me.

Shawn P Millerick

Now, we make no bones about it – we are a state level blog in one of the Union’s smallest States staffed by a small group of part-timers; we know where we stand in the greater blogosphere.  While we do have several award winning bloggers and while our traffic is mild compared to some, we’re ok with our size and are grateful to every reader that comes to the ‘Grok, even if it is just one.  But this had me scratching my head – NH Journal puts itself up as THE place to go here in NH for this kind of stuff, and has full timers (or did – I only go over there maybe a couple times a year at best) and with Hynsie’s former blogger cred for link love, I figured that their traffic would give credence to Millerick’s sneering.  Instead, we’ve caught another acting like Fergus “The Fringe” Cullen.

I didn’t do a comprehensive search, just a quick look over at Alexa, clicked on Site Info, and plugged in both GraniteGrok and NH Journal.  Well, to paraphrase that old kiddie phrase: if this is what I am (“the only person who read your site today“), that doesn’t mean “Great Gonzos!” for NH Journal:

Alexa rating NH JournalGiven that there are hundreds of millions of blogs out there (a long tail phenomenon indeed where a handful of sites get millions of hits per day and quickly falling off to huge number of sites getting (literally) a couple of handfuls of hits per day).  So, Millerick’s traffic rank is 3,320,891 overall and a US ranking of 835, 926 – not so bad for a site that thinks highly of itself.

Certainly, Millerick was proud enough to come over and talk smack here.

Then I plugged in GraniteGrok to see where we stood – after all, after claiming that only 1 person (himself) read the ‘Grok, it just HAD to be lower, yes?



My, a bit of a surprise here, eh?


Alexa rating GraniteGrok

Hmm, a bit of a disparity of perception on Millerick’s here?  Overall rank of 698,320 and a US rank of 162,556.  And yes, a lower number is better in this case.  And in the ‘Grok’s case, a lot LOWER numbers than Millerick’s.  Look, there are lots of places that you can compare and contrast sites – I just picked one out of the blue (your mileage may vary elsewhere).  But given the results, there is really only one question outstanding to ask:


About that “ was the only person who read your site today” remark, hmmm Shawn?

Chances are who would that more apply to: the ‘Grok or NHJ?


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