Semper Fi! A Marine Stands Up In Massachusetts

by Mike

Ex-Marine Sean Bielat running for senate in Mass

Ex-Marine Sean Bielat running for senate in Mass
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We like to keep an eye on the rare conservative outbreaks in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, and this one is worthy of your attention.

Sean Bielat is the real deal, and has run a good race for congress the last couple of cycles, coming close to taking Barney Frank’s seat (bad visual), and almost certainly contributing to the retirement of that ‘fine gentleman’.

Well, with every liberal disaster, there is also opportunity – in this case, since the disaster which is John F— Kerry has moved on to the State Department, there’s an open senate seat in MA, and in this case, a real conservative has cast his hat (beret) into the ring. If you like his style, and I do, please consider a contribution to help kickstart his campaign. A quote:

I don’t want to wake up one day to find we’re fighting the war on terror on American soil or to learn that the Chinese have called in our debt and that we’re beholden to them. And I never want to experience an America where our most basic liberties—freedom of speech and religion, freedom to bear arms, and freedom to succeed through our own merit—no longer exist. I know you don’t either, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you today.

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