Palate Cleanser #2 – Can you serve table tennis this fast?

by Skip

I used to play a lot of table tennis (“ping-pong”) quite a bit in college in the dorm as there were a lot of Chinese students coming over.  No, I didn’t win hardly ever against these guys – they humored me.  At some point, I started to actually win some points (vs them just really losing the point by trying some stunts) and finally, actually winning a game once in a while (not a match, just a game).  But if I had had a serve like this – whoa!

Hmmm, actually maybe not so much – losing by disqualification (via “putting holes in opponents”) might have attracted the attention not by the bystanders but the by the special “umpires” in blue suits with special cars with special lights on them….

(H/T: The Blaze)

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