Oh, that Paucity of Posts yesterday? I was responsible for that lack of new content….

by Skip

Or as Grokster Susan put it: Guns, Grub and Groksters!

But not in the way you think – every once in a while we Groksters all get together, go to a restaurant, have a good long meal, and yak.  Yes, we normally gets heads turned around to stare at us as almost any topic that we discuss here on the ‘Grok gets discussed then – only faster, more in depth, and certainly a whole lot louder than just on the ‘Grok’s pages.  Given our numbers, we do tend to stick out – big time – where ever we go!

Well, it had been a little while since we had a meeting, so I called one – Groksters AND wives, husbands, and girlfriends (for there would certainly be no GraniteGrok unless those special folks allowed us to do what we believe we need to be doing).  So, yesterday, we gathered for a GrokMeet and…a GrokShoot.

By going to go to an undisclosed location (no, we were not invited to Cheney’s undisclosed bunker and range) where we could also not only yak louder and longer (and share a great potluck meal), but also were able to decamp for a couple of hours for “Free Speech” of another kind: as in knock over some frozen aluminum tubular targets (Mtn Dew cans), larger plastic ones, big rocks, and some fruits that gave up their Earthly bounds for us to sharpen our eyes.  Semiautomatic handguns, semiautomatic rifles (yes, a couple of those black scary ones that make Progressives go livy-livered and knock-kneed) and shotguns.  Novices, intermediates and experts – a fun time shooting and talking and trying stuff that others and that individually we don’t have ourselves!  Everyone helping out as much as possible with advice, experience, and know-how.   Sure, it was cold but we all dressed for it and the weather, while cold, was windless and precipitation free.  Perfect for what we wanted and we couldn’t ask for much better for an early February day.

Progressives would have been amazed – how did this group of folks voluntarily band together and do something together and do it all without a government employee organizing it?  Such heresy!  And doing “dangerous” things without a Nanny?  What were we thinking??

We also had the time to talk over some serious topics as well, and the ramifications to America if certain things that we could think of actually come to pass, and others that could if those that hate the Constitution continue to malign and ignore the Principles thereof.  Some of it was rather, well, dismal.  But that is exactly why we do what we do – expose those that would make those nightmares come true.

Question for our readers:

If we have another one, would you like to attend?


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