Obama Has His Stage Props – We Have Stage Presence: Ted Nugent At SOTU

by Mike

Ted Nugent - Image by Gary Miller

Ted Nugent – Image by Gary Miller

Fed up with the blatant overuse of children and ‘victims’ as stage props at Obama speeches, Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas decided to bring in a genuine American Treasure with real stage presence – Ted Nugent. Congressman, we salute you, and we’ll be watching for updates.

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    American treasure??? Let’s break it down, shall we:

    1) chest-thumping, flag-waving “patriot” – who in reality is a draft-dodging chicken-hawk.

    2) “rugged outdoorsman and master hunter” – who in reality is a master of killing fenced in animals and violating fish and wildlife laws.

    3) “clean and sober” rock star – who’s only vice is UNDERAGE GIRLS.

    4) “Guitar God” who couldn’t play his way out of a paper bag if the song has more than three chords.

    5) Excelent archer – OK, he IS an excellent archer – but that hardly qualifies him as an “American treasure.” I bet Chris Dorner was an excellent archer too!

    • C. dog e. doG

      I didn’t know Nuge hunted moonbats in MA-MA Land. That’s some fancy shootin’.
      – C. dog

    • Chris P. Bacon

      I do love Ted’s music, even though as a musician he is pretty lame. On the other hand, anyone who can write anything, song, book, or do any kind of art is talented in my opinion and gets my respect. I am always fascinated with both parties as they take people who have gained a little fame in one way or another and put them on a pedestal as if they were God’s chosen.

      cpb- wundrin’ for Ted, what age is really underage?

      • C. dog e. doG

        Clint for el Presidente! Nuge for Govna! Celebrity sells.
        – C. dog wishes Kate Upton were his naughty Nanny

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