Now I’m Not Alone…In Wondering About DHS Stockpiling Ammo.

by Steve MacDonald

empty or near empty ammo shelvesBack on Februry 7th I speculated

If you are the government, and you want to hamstring gun owners whom you object to, why not buy massive quantities of ammunition to both drive up the price and corner the supply?  If no one else can get it or afford it, you–by default–not only have more of it, but command a level of policy control without the need for the public pursuit of actual policy.

And with that in mind, is that why the Department of Homeland Security just ordered another 21.6 million rounds of ammunition?

Three days later, on Breitbart, AWR Hawkins is wondering something very similar…

However, I do believe they know these massive ammo purchases are driving supply down and prices up, and that’s generally a good thing for an administration that doesn’t think people ought to be able to own guns to begin with. 

Think about it this way–although reports indicate DHS had 1.6 billion rounds stockpiled as of spring 2012, they recently ordered over 20 million more.

If I’m stretching the story at least the company will be good.

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  • allen

    august 2012 social security agency buys 174,000 rounds of .357sig
    august 2012 NOAA buys 46,000 rounds of .40 S&W
    october 2010 FBI buys 324,000 rounds of .223 packed on stripper clips and bandoliers

    and these are just the purchases we have found..there are likely others.

    for comparison, the DoD bought 1.8 billion rounds (5.56/7.62/.50bmg) last year. while in a shooting war.

    and DHS is sitting on 1.6 billion. I think the DHS has a few less trigger pullers than the DoD….perhaps they’ll start recruiting, and become “as well equipped and funded as the military”

    hmmm…I wonder where that idea came from.


    This still doesn’t explain why I can’t find .280 ammo.

    • allen

      sure it does. all the ammo manufactures have a finite number of presses. they’re all being used for government contracts. before this, they’d have time between contracts to load non-government ammo.

      I can’t find .35 rem either. same with .25-06. the only reason you can still find .22 is that the rimfire machines are different than the centerfire machines.

      learn to reload..if you can find the components. primers are becoming scarce too.

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