Notable Quote: Lord Acton on Rights of Man and America

by Scott Morales

Europe seemed incapable of becoming the home of free States. It was from America that the plain ideas that men ought to mind their own business, and that the nation is responsible to Heaven for the acts of State–ideas long locked in the breast of solitary thinkers, and hidden from Latin folios–burst forth like a conqueror upon the world they were destined to transform, under the title of the Rights of Man.

— Lord Acton, “Freedom in Christianity”


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  • Sam Adams

    Scott, just like the EU union of countries. Glad were not a union like eu, but then again are we already?

  • Scott Morales

    I promised my wife to layoff the societal decay and gloom and doom
    stuff. But I’ll break it just this once (I don’t think she reads the

    I first read your comment I thought you were referring to the
    evaporation of federalism in our country and the hellbent tendency of
    some to look to a central power for salvation. Then on a re-read I
    wondered if you were referring to our alliances with other countries
    that has a habit of ensnaring us in problem after problem.

    I’ll take the first read understanding.

    yes I fear we’re spiraling down the same toilet as EU with delusions of
    safety dissipating with every uptick of the debt. More people are
    starting to notice that we’re in trouble, sadly not those in the White
    House, Senate or the minority in the HoR’s. But there are others that
    seek refuge from the daily travails ranging from the innocuously
    inconvenient to the grotesquely inconvenient and they want a central
    power to assuage all their daily problems and don’t care one iota about
    what it costs so long as they get theirs. To them the debt is a benign
    exaggeration conjured by the right to scare them out of their freebees.
    So yes, we are in a sense eu-ing in that many seem to look for a
    central power to heal their hurts (supposed and real) and ignore
    (abandon really) their own sovereignty.

    Btw Sam Adams you’re delicious with Chicken Wings

    – Scott

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