Notable Quote – Democrats Are A Spending And A Revenue Problem

by Steve MacDonald

“Ask a democrat and they will tell you “we have a revenue problem.”  But the only reason you could ever have a revenue problem is if you first have a spending problem.   But if you have elected Democrats, you will always have a spending problem.   And you will always have a spending problem because no matter how much revenue a Democrat convinces you to part with, they will always spend more; at which point you should ask them…well how much is enough?   When do you stop needing more and more of my money?  This is a question they cannot answer because the answer is that it is never enough.”

-Steve Mac Donald

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Democrats love nothing better than really, really busy bees churning the grindstone to make more and more honey for them to parcel throughout all the hive’s catacombs to all the drones and queenswomen in attendance. Perhaps it’s time to start putting some sand in the vaseline, thereby releasing those who work to live free, and not in the death chambers.
    – C. dog bypassing that which is taxed early and often; emancipation via starvation

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