Newtown Massacre: A Canadian Viewpoint

by Rick Olson

  “It is easier to show the disorder that must accompany reform than the order that should follow it.”   —Frederic Bastiat

Editorial: Blood On The Hands Of The LEFT

By: Howard Galganov


Howard Galganov

I was just about to publish my latest editorial as promised, on Canada’s Supreme Court Decision to suspend Freedom of Speech, in favor of promoting one language over all others.


Next to language issues in Canada, and a failed Judicial System in both of our countries, what happened in Connecticut takes precedence.

I won’t waste words describing my feelings, because how I feel about as many as, and maybe more than 26 people murdered, including 18 children  is indescribable.


It didn’t happen because of the so-called gun culture, or because of poor security at the school. It happened because of the modern LEFTIST culture that has removed all semblances of personal responsibility and respect.

It happened because of the Hollywood and television types who lecture the Conservatives on how people should live, while they make FORTUNES producing absolute FILTH in their movies and on television programs.

It happened because of reality television shows that demean humanity. And shows that make people laugh at the pain and humiliation of others.

It happened because multi-millionaire computer game producers create UGLY digital scenarios that poison young minds with abject and gratuitous violence.

It happened because the school system doesn’t teach values, and promotes the idea that everything goes. And that all people are equal  regardless of the truth. And that no one ever fails.

It happened because LEFTISTS won’t allow concerned and loving parents to discipline their children, or raise their children the way they want to.

It happened because far too many Liberals spend far too much time and effort ridiculing and attacking people who want to live by the lessons of the Bible and the Torah.

In truth . . . this and other horrible acts of violence happen, because our society from our entertainment industry, to schools, to the media, and our governments have created the social and cultural foundation that is eating away at our countries like a cancer.

I know that what I just wrote WILL inflame those on the LEFT, and that’s OK, because if they don’t like it . . . they can ROT in HELL along with the demons of their own creation.

I want my old country values back . . .  when we stood in school when an adult entered the  room. When we were really disciplined for bad behavior. When we were measured by our successes and failures. When not everyone had to waste years of his or her life in college studying basket weaving instead of taking a trade course, or going to work right after finishing high school. When your mom was a woman and your dad was a man. And when there weren’t vulgar parades extolling the virtues of being gay.

If you want to stop the sickness . . . ITS TIME TO STOP THE LEFT.

Howard Galganov was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on February 12, 1950 to financially poor and family-rich parents. Both served in WWII. With Galanov’s fathera highly decorated soldier who was wounded several times during the war. Both parents were born in Montreal from Eastern European Immigrants who came to Canada in the second decade of the 1900’s.

Working since he was 12 years old,  Galganov finished High School in the evening and attended Sir George Williams University in Montreal at night, laterdropping out. 

Howard spent most of his life as an entrepreneur, owning businesses and employing individuals since the age of  eighteen.

As the founder of a North American Advertising Agency (since 1978) that has been 100% owned and operated by he and wife of 39 years, Anne.  In 1996, Howard decided to become fully engaged as a CONSERVATIVE RIGHTS ADVOCATE.

Howard and his wife live on an Equestrian Center in South Eastern Ontario, 20 minutes from the US Border, which they cross frequently for shopping, dining and specific medical care they cannot obtain in a timely fashion in Canada.


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