Newtown Massacre: A Canadian Viewpoint

by Rick Olson

  “It is easier to show the disorder that must accompany reform than the order that should follow it.”   —Frederic Bastiat

Editorial: Blood On The Hands Of The LEFT

By: Howard Galganov


Howard Galganov

I was just about to publish my latest editorial as promised, on Canada’s Supreme Court Decision to suspend Freedom of Speech, in favor of promoting one language over all others.


Next to language issues in Canada, and a failed Judicial System in both of our countries, what happened in Connecticut takes precedence.

I won’t waste words describing my feelings, because how I feel about as many as, and maybe more than 26 people murdered, including 18 children  is indescribable.


It didn’t happen because of the so-called gun culture, or because of poor security at the school. It happened because of the modern LEFTIST culture that has removed all semblances of personal responsibility and respect.

It happened because of the Hollywood and television types who lecture the Conservatives on how people should live, while they make FORTUNES producing absolute FILTH in their movies and on television programs.

It happened because of reality television shows that demean humanity. And shows that make people laugh at the pain and humiliation of others.

It happened because multi-millionaire computer game producers create UGLY digital scenarios that poison young minds with abject and gratuitous violence.

It happened because the school system doesn’t teach values, and promotes the idea that everything goes. And that all people are equal  regardless of the truth. And that no one ever fails.

It happened because LEFTISTS won’t allow concerned and loving parents to discipline their children, or raise their children the way they want to.

It happened because far too many Liberals spend far too much time and effort ridiculing and attacking people who want to live by the lessons of the Bible and the Torah.

In truth . . . this and other horrible acts of violence happen, because our society from our entertainment industry, to schools, to the media, and our governments have created the social and cultural foundation that is eating away at our countries like a cancer.

I know that what I just wrote WILL inflame those on the LEFT, and that’s OK, because if they don’t like it . . . they can ROT in HELL along with the demons of their own creation.

I want my old country values back . . .  when we stood in school when an adult entered the  room. When we were really disciplined for bad behavior. When we were measured by our successes and failures. When not everyone had to waste years of his or her life in college studying basket weaving instead of taking a trade course, or going to work right after finishing high school. When your mom was a woman and your dad was a man. And when there weren’t vulgar parades extolling the virtues of being gay.

If you want to stop the sickness . . . ITS TIME TO STOP THE LEFT.

Howard Galganov was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on February 12, 1950 to financially poor and family-rich parents. Both served in WWII. With Galanov’s fathera highly decorated soldier who was wounded several times during the war. Both parents were born in Montreal from Eastern European Immigrants who came to Canada in the second decade of the 1900’s.

Working since he was 12 years old,  Galganov finished High School in the evening and attended Sir George Williams University in Montreal at night, laterdropping out. 

Howard spent most of his life as an entrepreneur, owning businesses and employing individuals since the age of  eighteen.

As the founder of a North American Advertising Agency (since 1978) that has been 100% owned and operated by he and wife of 39 years, Anne.  In 1996, Howard decided to become fully engaged as a CONSERVATIVE RIGHTS ADVOCATE.

Howard and his wife live on an Equestrian Center in South Eastern Ontario, 20 minutes from the US Border, which they cross frequently for shopping, dining and specific medical care they cannot obtain in a timely fashion in Canada.


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  • Chris P. Bacon

    Here here!! Bring back slavery and this crap where women can vote and stuff is way out of hand!! I also miss smoking on airplanes, and parents being able to beat the crap out of their kids without some leftist pinko calling Child Protective Services. In fact, growing up on the farm, i had to work in the fields from age 8 on and it made me a better person, so let’s bring back child labor, after all, my Dad actually adimitted he had kids cuz he needed free help.

    Protecting the environment is BS too. Repeal all those laws and agencies. The Peoples Republic of China has the right ideer, just issue dust masks for cryin out loud!! Lefties are such pansies.

    Course, the largest school massacare in US history happened long before the lefties took over (1927) and back then i think God was still allowed in schools, and of course while celebrating good ol’ country values you could still lynch a black man for sayin’ something to a white woman and get away with it.

    I am not a lefty Howard, in fact i lean right on many if not most things. But your argument is lacking. It really is not an argument at all, and under a microscope you could buy back in the good old days in the back of a comic book for $2.99, it would fall apart. Speaking of, that Stan Lee!! Evil bastard!! All those violent comics with females bursting out of their she hero outffits!!

    cpb- Needs to take a puff from his mary jane pipe after that! Huh, wasn’t Mary Jane the most perscribed drug in the USA back in the good ole days? I think it was as a mater of fact….

    • I can reduce that to a few words – content of their characters.
      Something the left sorely lacks, from condoning violent racists (KKK) to blaming objects for personal failings (guns).

      • Chris P. Bacon

        Seems pretty sweeping to me Mike. If you were king tomorow and you used that mighty big broom you weild to sweep “the left” away, i mean not in a Biblical sense, but something more humane, like say relocating them to another planet, in a very short amount of time, form your own ranks, anolther “left” would appear.

        Every time you slice the North end of a magnet off, a new north end appears. You can keep slicing it thinner and thinner and no mater how thin it gets, it will still have a north and south pole. That is because within the magnet itself is what makes up both ends. One cannot be removed from the other. The enemy does not reside in the ‘left”, it resides within us all, we just take it out on the left, because they represent what we hate about ourselves.

        • coati-boy

          Have a told you lately the extreme levels to which you rock?

          • Chris P. Bacon

            thanks CB. It must be my magnetic personality.

            CPB- Bi-polar as ever…..

    • Chris P. Bacon

      Sweet Jesus, i left out the part about Jesus Howard. You are OK with the Bible and the Torah, but i failed to see where you mention the Koran. Strange, since those who read the Torah (the first 5 books of the old testament) dont even believe in the Christian Messiah. Many don’t even recognize he existed and he in NEVER mentioned in the Torah.

      It would seem Sir Howard that you as a Christian (i’m assuming) would have much more in common with a Muslim, as part of there faith requires a beleif in Jesus as the mesiah for the Jews and Christians and he is mentiond 28 or so times in their Holy book.

      Lastly, (for now), which non violent Bible stories are your favorite?

      1. God drowning the planet.
      2. God has the men of Judah kill 500,000 Isrealites.
      3. Gode kills 14,000 Isrealites cuz they complain about him killing too many of them.
      4. God has 42 children mauled by bears for making fun of the prophet Elijah cuz he was bald.

      And my all time favorite

      5. One of the tribes of Isreal does not show up for roll call, so the rest of the tribes kill them all. (except for the virgins of course, which they take for themselves.

      Now granted, by the time of the New Testemant God was much more easily satisfied and only required the killing of his son. (didn’t he get to go to heaven right after? Huh, i’d give my life for my two kids right now, never mind the world if i got to go to heaven afterwards. Hell, i’d do it without the promise of heaven)

      • C. dog e. doG

        Ooops, who let the son of a preacher man out of his basement bedroom today? Sweet Mary-Jane, someone lost their vapor-rub. How ’bout we call it a truce, and leave everyone alone except for canoodling night?
        – C. dog conjuring deconstructions of State apparatus

        • Chris P. Bacon

          LMAO. How did you know my man cave was in the basement and i sometimes sleep there!! I’m still laughing as i try and figure out what canoodling night is.

          I am sure these comments will get me spanked from the ranks of GG. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted 🙂 If any of you Groksters are ever in AZ, look me up. Even you Howard, as it seems every Canadien ends up here at one point or another (at least for 8 months a year).

          cpb- Never met a man i couldn’t learn something from.

          • C. dog e. doG

            We shall see regarding your e-spanking (methinks you like that sort of thing). Seems like you brought a lot of fireworks to the party today. Wonder what will take off to light up your star spangled banner, of sorts.
            – C. dog

      • Rick_GraniteGrok

        there is a medication option you might try….sheesh

    • granitegrok

      Crispy – I did invoke an edit here – Pls know that the ‘Grok is tracked all the time by the other side and while I have a good idea of what you meant, consider this a “saving you from yourself” moment – and to be truthful, us from them too. We do say politically incorrect things from time to time and have each other’s backs (as the other side says far worse things from time to time). We also will have your back as well – but from time to time, when we see you trying to act like Wil. E. Coyote with one foot already in thin air and the other trying to follow it, we’ll have your back by grabbing your belt and hauling you backwards back onto terra firma.

      • Chris P. Bacon

        Okee dokeee. Just got word i landed a huge contract, so you wont be seeing me much for the next month while i get it going. Good to know i can still play in the sandbox though.

        Chris P Coyote

        • C. dog e. doG

          Now that’s a contrite lil’ doggy. I only wish I knew what I was sayin’ half the time. That’s why I need you, Chrispy, to explain it to me.
          – C. dog seems like he’s muttering to himself the other half of the time

          • C. dog e. doG

            Uh, uh, looks like Chrispy’s Gonzo hideout was just “discovered” by agents of Normalcy for the Amerikan Way. Time to go double bunker! Dive, Dive!
            – C. dog hunkering down till Grok signals coast is clear

          • granitegrok

            C. Dog? Hunker down? Are you serious?

            From About GraniteGrok:

            “We are those that are striking fear into the hearts of Democrats everywhere in NH. After all, none of them DARE to take us on, mano-y-mano in the blogosphere or radio land or in any debate anywhere. As with fabled Texas Rangers of old (1 mob – 1 Ranger): just ordinary schlubs in New Hampsha vs the whole of the NH Dem / Progressive Party – no contest!”

            Bunker?? REALLY? Are you Serious (heh! there’s that second one)? We do not retreat – merely time to reload and resharpen the tomahawks. ‘Tis not a time to go knock-keed, Doggy! Man up, you four footed fool – are you going to let that paragon of English ugly & stout-heartedness (in addition to just being, er, stout), USMC Sgt Major Chesty, see you acting like a purse pooch?

          • C. dog e. doG

            Fortunately, I found a couple of Rocky Mtn Aphrodisiacs in my pooch purse, so I’m good to go. I just wish more Libs would have the temerity to wander off the Blueball Hamster echo chamber; I need to work on my backhand. I recently visited that incupod and noticed they had Disqus up for maybe a day before closing it down because they couldn’t control the incursions of free minds to their liking. The speech clips were apparently too big and scary looking, especially with their pistol-whip grips on reality.
            – C. dog reloaded for Magpie and antic lisping fantasticos

  • allen

    ok let’s see…lots of people have a thing. a miniscule percentage of those people murder people. a large share of that miniscule percentage are crazy people or gang members, who would be murdering people if they had this thing, or not.
    the thing is….
    b)violent movies and video games.
    c)are you kidding me?

    we need to stop blaming objects. both sides. millions and millions of people own guns. if owning guns were the catalyst, the swath of dead people would be too many to bury. but it’s not. if the catalyst were violent video games and movies, which millions and million of people watch and play EVERY DAY, it’d be the same thing. but obviously, it’s not.

    “but, we never used to have these violent video games and movies back in the good ol days!” yes, and we used to march our cattle and other livestock to the slaughter house and watch them getting killed, or kill the chickens/poultry ourselves. many of our jobs back then were industrial or agricultural, and those have high mortality rates. war veterans have seen massive amounts of death close up and personal. at the same time, access to firearms was universal. you could go down to the local hardware store and pick one up for very little money. many war vets had “bring backs” of some pretty impressive weapons, that they got for the price of killing the previous owners.

    so, viewing and being mentally immune to death or the availability of firearms are not the catalysts, or after every war we’d have a bloodbath back home. we need to stop falling back on our predetermined biases, and assuming those are the root causes.

    • Don

      Are you a gamer Allen? While I agree that we should not be banning video games and movies but there are some particularly violent themed games and movies that kids shouldn’t be playing or viewing. Now I agree that SHOULD be the responsibility of the parent to decide but. But we have several generations of kids turned adults who were never taught what it is to be a decent upstanding responsible adult. It’s a cycle that should be broken, no must be broken, if we are to return to a sane country with parents who raise productive and socially well adjusted children.

      I remember reading a newspaper article about a controversial movie playing in Dover, NH a few years back. A young mother was taking her ten year old daughter and her daughter’s friend to see it. The mother admitted that the daughters friend had been denied permission by her parents and knowing this took her with them to see the movie despite their wishes. The woman’s only defense was that “They see this on the playground every day it’s no big deal.” My immediate thought was, what school does her child go to where they see adults fornicating on the school playground every day? In parts of New York city they are now not suspending kids for using profanity in the classroom.

      Progressivism debases and devalues our children and any and all forms of decency. You can’t turn this around without radical change. You can’t change this by being drug along kicking and screaming. We are either in it or we are not. We either work together for change or we are wasting our time. Republicans and Democrats, there is a difference, a big one, we can at least shame Republicans into standing up for Conservative principles but the other option is akin to talking to a brick wall. There are no absolutes in life so there can be no absolutes in what is and is not the right course of action to bring our nation back to it’s founding principles. If Conservatives can not stand together for Conservative principals then we have already failed before we even started. You would be wise to look up the definition of psychotic. It is simply insane to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome each time.

      • Chris P. Bacon

        Sounds reasonable to me Don. Please list in order of saneness, this countries 5 most sane years.

        • Don

          That is easy, 1773, 1775, 1776, 1787, and 1980 although there are many years that were close these are indeed the sanest. Now it’s up to you to find out why.

          • coati-boy

            Weren’t we technically not a country for the first two years you list?

          • Don

            Well technically we weren’t a country until 1781 when the British surrendered at Yorktown but semantics aside I stand by my opinion among these were the seeds of a nation and I recognize that as a birth.

          • coati-boy

            Life begins at coitus, eh?

          • Chris P. Bacon

            He said that semantics aside, the seeds are the birth. That is taking it a step further back, no? Like all the way back to the duel chambered protuberance of skin and muscle….

          • Don

            Seeds, planting, and birth are you familiar with this concept?

          • Chris P. Bacon

            I am kinda. Yesterday I planted some lettuce seeds.

          • C. dog e. doG

            You’re in your wheelhouse now, Chrisp, or at least your green house fed by fetid fish water.

            Speaking of which, I watched some guys german U-tube floating through the internets a while back who showed how much anaerobic gunk built up in the unglorified fish tanks in a few weaks. Made me worry about my comedian compadré out in crAZy Land munching on fishpoo sticks with all his lettuce. Might explain some of your postings – but I digress! Has your food production site been inspected and approved by the FDA? And what’s PETA’s position on all those poor fish you keep imprisoned in their own toilet bowl? So many agencies, so few abide by their rulings.
            – C. dog, agency free as often as possible

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Oh…now i see…you must be a white male. Well they were not that great if you were female, or anything other then white, even in New Hamsterdam where the native population was being cleaned out for the church.. 1980…interesting. The year my favorite Democrat was elected. Mr. Hands of the States and no Big government bullies. Oh yeah, and if you don’t raise the drinking age to 21 you lose federal highway funds. How many times did he raise taxes, and which stars did he get most of his info from, anyway? Good year if you were a hostage, for sure.

          • Don

            Making assumptions that I’m a white male? How mighty liberal of you. Well, you’re only part right which you seem to have a penchant for.

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Sorry. A republican named Don living in New Hamsters on GG who thinks 1980 was one of Americas most sane years? Could you be a half white born of a Haitian farther and a MA. mother?

            I’m fine with being part right.

            So what are you?

            cpb- Sense us taker.

          • Jag är en svensk … Född i Amerika … Så, jag är en vit kille? Det är ingen fara. Det finns ett foto av mig.

          • hahaha…love doing that because I can

      • allen


        I was a “gamer” before the modern definition of the word “gamer”. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons. still do, when I can find other people who still play AD&D. I went to GenCon in 1988 and 1989, back when it was still in Milwaukee. does anyone else remember all the things they claimed D&D was? usually by people who flipped through a book or two, saw a scary monster and said it was SATANIC WORSHIP!!!! so, I have had my fill of someone not really knowing what they’re talking about, but calling it EVIL. all it does is demonstrate their own ignorance. and when they use that ignorance to write laws, well..then I really get pissed off.

        ” It’s a cycle that should be broken, no must be broken, if we are to
        return to a sane country with parents who raise productive and socially
        well adjusted children.”

        so, who exactly is going to “break” that cycle? government as parent? for our own good? yeah. no thanks. we’re already on that course, the only difference is the other side is in the pilot house. these waters are well charted, and we all know where they lead to. progressive tyranny “for our own good” and “conservative” tyranny “for your own good”. is still tyranny.

        • C. dog e. doG

          That’s why I advocate uplift by separate early, and often. If we wait for Uncle Sammy’s White House of Cards to fall, that could take some time, and the outcome quite likely ugly. If New Hamsters can muster sufficient reproductive organs prior to the Big Bankruptcy of American Pie, perhaps there’s hope for free people to freely associate. Pipe dreams, my friend, that’s what hemp tendrils are for … and the shine under the silvery moon.
          – C. dog sees some light at the end of Nanny’s detention room

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