More on the dreaded Sequester Numbers – Department of Defense (aka-Big Obama screw-up)

by Skip

Is this the equivalent of threatening local police, firemen, and teachers?

I showed the overall impact of what the Sequester will have on our current Federal budget here.  As you see, the answer is almost negligible.  Today on Fox was a snippet of Secretary of Defense Leon Pannetta testifying to Congress on what the Sequester will have on the Military:

Instead of being a first rate power in the world, we’d turn into a second rate power.  That would be the result of sequester.

And we have seen the first “results” of that with the news of delayed refueling of  the USS Abraham Lincoln with trickle down effects from there (including Pannetta threatening to cut Military pay). So, how drastic is THAT drastic?  Really, can you see it?

DoD Sequester

The actual numbers?

Fiscal Year 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Billions 2011$ 412.4 444.8 472.6 466.2 473.5 470.8 471.4 501.3 549 544.6 528.2 515.2 495.2
% difference 7.86% 6.25% -1.35% 1.57% -0.57% 0.13% 6.34% 9.52% -0.80% -3.01% -2.46% -3.88%

Tell me, what organization who has had a rise of almost 21% over the last 12 years can take a 3% cut – isn’t that would be Waste and Inefficiency we always hear about?  Instead of threatening the loss of 700,000 civilian jobs and national security?

Obama and his White House was the camp that came up with the idea of Sequestration as part of raising the debt ceiling – and now he and his Pack of Progressives realize that they hoisted themselves up by their own petards – and now you know why the GOP is being very quiet and walking away from this – it IS on Obama’s shoulders. And the Dems know it (when you let a journalist like Bob Woodward of Deep Throat fame  into your Inner Circle as a fly on the wall…).

Isn’t this the equivalent of threatening local police, firemen, and teachers when local governments see their budgets cut (even 1%)?

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