Messaging: So Obama wants to decide if more people should not be allowed their Second Amendment Rights?

by Skip

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“But there are certain people, people who have mental health issues, perhaps.    People who have felony records.  These are all categories of people who are not entitled to carry guns and I think that we have to make sure that it continues to be the case.  One of the things that the President has asked me to do is to look at that list, those categories, and see if we have to expand it to make sure that, again, the wrong people do not come into possession of guns.”

Attorney General Eric Holder – responsible for the Fast & Furious Federal gun-walking to Mexico that has ended up with hundreds of dead Mexicans including dozens of children.  And HE is going to be responsible for figuring who ELSE should not be able to own or handle firearms?  Would that be people on the national no-fly list (error free, that one is!) or those that Dept. of Homeland Security (think Big Sis, Janet Napolitano) fingered a whole set of Americans as potential domestic terrorists – limited government types of folks, fiscal frugality types, 10th Amendment supporters, gun owners, TEA Party sympathizers, returning US Military veterans….you get the idea.  Or have you forgotten that document that came out soon after Obama took on the purple robe, scepter, and crown oath of the US Presidency?

After all, if Obama can kill Americans overseas, what’s keeping a few millions from holding, owning, and using the tools that should make a tyrannical leaning government have second thoughts….

(H/T: Breitbart TV)

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