Maybe the start of a Revolution? The number of firearms firms pushing back grows

by Skip

Grokster Susan saw the ball starting to roll with LaRue Tactical; quickly Olympic Arms and York Arms followed suit in publicizing that they would no longer sell to any State entity within a State that makes it illegal for its citizens to own the same hardware that its law enforcement can purchase.

The word, and the will to fight back and stand up to Governments that are morphing from public employees to rulers of the public, is spreading; update from NC Gunblog:

New York Boycott Participants:

Will this end up like the ESOS show, when the Brit owned company that put on the Eastern Sports show told a number of exhibitors they could not show or sell modern sporting rifles.  The word got out, exhibitors pulled out, and then the Big Guys (like Smith & Wesson, Sig, Colt) did and they had to cancel the show.

Will Profit over Constitutional Principle still prevail for the gorillas in this arena?  Still, more and more, we see others willing to make exactly that decision.

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  • allen

    now, if only we can get some of the “big boys” to jump on board here..colt, S&W, remington, winchester, ***SIG*** (c’mon, someone over at SIG has to be reading this…..)

    we already know where H&K stands..good luck buying one of those, or if you get one, trying to have it worked on.

    • C. dog e. doG

      I’m not up on H&K’s avowed position, and couldn’t find it with a quick interwebs search, including their Q&A section.
      – C. dog inquires

      • allen

        H&K’s position has always been that their primary market is governments, not individuals. I know someone who has an H&K USP, and when he had a problem with it they requested a run-down of the problem on “department letterhead” or they wouldn’t fix it.

        • C. dog e. doG

          The glove fits perfectly on the court’s royal glove-maker. That explains why I didn’t find any H&K press release about their position on curbing gun sales to the plebes.
          – C. dog a day wiser

  • SGTreport

    I think most of the big fire arms makers got bought out a few to 5 years ago for BIG bucks. Remington, bushmaster, Ruger maybe, and about 4 more. Soros bought them, thats why ammo is little to get.

    • allen

      that was the “soros owns “freedom group” who owns remington/DPMS/bushmaster/ect” rumor that was going around. soros doesn’t own freedom group. more infowars BS. the reason you can’t get ammo is the government is buying it all. in some cases buying 50+ years worth in a single years contract. so far we don’t know if it’s prepping for war or deliberately inflating civilian prices..could be both.

      remember when you read infowars/prison planet/ect that Alex Jones is a product of the same government program that created Hal Turner. mostly what is there is what comes out of the southerly end or a north-facing cow.

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