Looks like Ted had a prime seat…

by Susan Olsen

Down there on the right hand side...









H/T @notoserfdom

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    OK, OK but was Ted there? I didn’t see him and I haven’t heard anyone mention on the talking head shows whether or not he was there. I certainly didn’t hear strains of “Great White Buffalo” or “Stranglehold” emanating from the chamber. Did he take Glenn Beck’s advice and attend? Did he chicken out? I wanna know!

    • Chris P. Bacon

      Ah yes, back in the late 70’s was there ever a better way to spend the afternoon then partaking in the green and sitting back with the headphones on and listening to Double Live Gonzo? “i’d like to dedicate this little love song to all that Nashville p….”

      I heard a while back Mike Huckleberry had Ted on his show to sing “Cat Scratch Fever”. Mike had just explained that he was a Chrisitan and then played bass while Ted sang “i make the p$#@?y purr with the stroke of my hand”. That is what i love about Ted, not afraid to say what’s on his mind.

      CPB-spending a lifetime trying to learn to say less of what is on his mind, as he realizes his mind is not a good source of information.

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