Look, my dog is my best friend…

by Tim Condon

…but sometimes I just can’t help messing with his head. He’s such a chow-hound….

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  • mer

    Heh. Good stuff. One of my Siberians would really get going if you put on anything playing bagpipes; he’d sing right along with Amazing Grace.
    As for food tricks, our current one Lily (a Bernese Mtn Dog) we trained to work for a treat. Basically the whole routine is: sit, say hello (paw), down, stay. Put treat on paw and say “wait”. Keep her waiting until the drool is pouring out of her mouth. Then start saying different words, “Ok” is the release. She starts on “Oklahoma” but stops herself.
    Good times. If you tried that with a cat, the cat would ignore you, then walk over an pee on your pillow.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Hmmm. Dogs are like party faithfuls, and cats more of a libertarian bent?
      – C. dog herding kittens

      • mer

        No, cats are “screw you where’s my food, clean my litter box, thanks now let me pee on you”.

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