Live Blogging – .223 Day of Resistance State House, Concord NH 12 noon – 2pm

by Skip

.223 Day of Resistance HeaderTomorrow is  the .223 Day of Resistance – tens of thousands will be gathering all over the nation at hundreds of rallies.  Here in the Live Free or Die State, we have two.  One at LibertyFest in Nashua, our will be in Concord on the steps of the State House.  This is a “Valley Forge” event and we will gather regardless of any snowy weather.  Join us!   Weather permitting for the electronics, we’ll be streaming live here from the ‘Grok.  Details:

Masters of Ceremony – Jeff Chidester & Susan Olsen     Invocation – Father Christian Tutor     National Anthem – Honorable Jane Cormier

Speakers:  Honorable Pam Tucker,Mike Rogers (GraniteGrok), Honorable Dan Dumaine,  Dianne Bitter (Conservative Activist), Skip Murphy (GraniteGrok), Honorable Al Baldasaro, Jack Kimball
Time and crowd permitting, door prizes courtesy of Riley’s Sportshop.  Sound system courtesy of Jeff Chidester.  Video and live-streaming courtesy of GraniteGrok.
Live Streaming:

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  • Scott Morales

    Molon Labe!

    • C. dog e. doG

      What he said, as long as Skip approves :-).
      – C. dog

      • granitegrok

        You betcha!

  • Wish I was there……next time for sure. Proud to see fellow patriots feel as I do. Fight goes on!

    • granitegrok

      George, you are NOT alone!

      • Thank you and keep the faith. Granitegrok rocks and no pun intended. I must confess, I am a Geologist :-/

  • C. dog e. doG

    Hey Skip! Nice speech. Way to represent. Sure was some chilly, but all those guns seemed to warm up the place next to the gilded sausage factory.
    – C. dog out of his quasi-eponymous house

    • granitegrok

      Many mercy buckups for the ad hoc meandering! Processing video now and will post up a little later on tonite!

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