James Pindell interviews Senator Rand Paul

by Steve MacDonald

Rand_72dpiBack on February 5th James Pindell interviewed Senator Rand Paul on the WGIR morning show.  Foreign Policy, Immigration, Right to Work, and more… If you missed it, well–here it is. (Audio)

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Thanks, Steve –
    So how does Rand miss the mark for those waiving the R banners? Is it the greater latitude in people deciding how to go about their recreation, their domestic b’ness (but not foreign), or protecting the U.S. borders? I bet he could do some serious trimming of New Hamster’s “austere” budget. Too bad he’s going to waste time running for Prez when he could do much more running for governor. But, should he win, maybe he’ll declare a truce with state governments that prefer to take their own course, almost as if they are states, not subsidiaries of Uncle Sam, Inc.
    – C. dog

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